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2016 Cobb Just off Front (JOF) Fifty-Five Saddle

SKU: Cobb_Just_off_Front_(JOF)_Fifty-Five_Saddle


Cobb Just off Front (JOF) Fifty-Five Saddle

Cobb's Just off Front, or JOF, design is now here. The Fifty-Five is the first in their line of short-nosed saddles which use the Just off Front geometry developed by John Cobb.

Just what is the advantage of a short-nose saddle? We all know someone who sticks their nose where it does't belong. Does your saddle do that, too?

The Fifty-Five eliminates the tip of the nose and is designed to be ridden with with your soft tissue or genitals just off the front of the saddle.

But comfort and durability take more than just cutting the nose off. The sides of the Fifty-Five are shaped so as to not interfere with your upper hamstrings and to allow for multiple comfortable riding positions in both triathlon and road riding. The two ends of the the short nose are secured under the saddle (away from your soft parts), preventing flexing or pinching.

This is just the latest design from a company with a tradition of creating seats that eliminate comfort issues for riders at all levels.


  • Short nose for soft tissue comfort
  • Narrow design for no hamstring interference
  • Removable rack hook
  • Optional Rear Mount Water System available


SKU Cobb_Just_off_Front_(JOF)_Fifty-Five_Saddle
Material CR-MO Rails
Weight 330 g


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