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2XU Compression Recovery Arm Sleeves

SKU: 2XU-Compression-Recovery-Arm-Sleeves

Size Chart

2XU Arm Sleeves

43 cm / 17" XXL XXL
40 cm / 15.75" XL XXL XXL
37 cm / 14.5" L XL XL
34 cm / 13.25" M L L
31 cm / 12.25" S M M
28 cm / 11" XS S S
25 cm / 10" XS XS
Forearm Size 8.25" /
21 cm
9.5" /
24 cm
10.75" /
27 cm
11.75" /
30 cm
13" /
33 cm
14" /
36 cm
15.25" /
39 cm

NOTE: Measurements for the arm sleeves should be taken in a relaxed state at the largest girth of the bicep and the forearm. If your measurements of two different points for a garment do not correlate for one particular size, first try the size recommended by your forearm measurement.


2XU Compression Recovery Arm Sleeves

The 2XU Arm Sleeve uses seamless, circular knit construction to create the ultimate graduated arm sleeve for the forearm and bicep. Using 250 denier fabric, the arm sleeve encases the entire length of the arm, applying a graduated pressure to increase circulation and support the muscles and tendons in the forearm, elbow and bicep.


  • Increased circulation and oxygenation of muscles
  • Graduated compression fit for a faster recovery
  • Highest power denier targeted support biceps + triceps
  • Reduced muscle fatigue + damage


SKU 2XU-Compression-Recovery-Arm-Sleeves
Material PWX technology utilises 2 unique fabrics; PWX Compression and 105D/K
Manufacturer's Part # 2594a


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