About Us

Kyle’s Bikes, both online and in our retail locations, is more than just a bike store.

First of all, we carry more than bikes and bike accessories. Over the years we have expanded to meet the needs of triathletes and runners as well as cyclists.

More importantly, we are "more" because of our home-like atmosphere where everyone is committed to making your experience a great one, no matter what you’re looking for, no matter if you walk in our door or chat with us online.


Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny, IowaKyle’s Bikes is a family operation where staff can assist you in picking out your child’s first bike, your next race bike for mountain biking or road racing, a comfortable bike for the miles of central Iowa bike paths, or the fastest tricked-out tri bike. Our inventory includes racks, lights, helmets, GPS, clothes, nutrition, parts, and more.

Kyle’s Bikes has a complete service center that handles repairs of all kinds—bike builds, tune-ups, wheel truing, part installations—and offers great advice and technical know-how.

Kyle Robinson was one of the first in the nation to complete the extensive training to become a Certified Body Geometry Fit Technician in 2009. This adds a scientific approach to his years of experience and previous coursework. Come in to find a position that maximizes your power and comfort.

In order to help you find the right running shoes for you, in May 2011, Kyle's Bikes brought video gait analysis to the greater Des Moines metro. Using a treadmill, a video camera, and analysis software, we can show you slow-motion video and side-by-side analysis of you running in one pair of shoes compared to another. Our staff is able to accurately view your gait and precisely recommend shoes that best suit your needs. (Note: We only have running shoes at our Ankeny location.)

Kyle's Bikes InteriorIn addition to a large selection of running shoes, you will find running clothes and accessories such as hydration belts, sunglasses, and caps.

Triathletes shop at Kyle’s Bikes for swim gear such as caps, goggles, and training aids, in addition to tri shorts, tri tops, transition bags, and wetsuits.

With the online warehouse located nearby, the store can serve customers with quick access to complete product lines which we would not otherwise be able to keep in stock.

The opening of Kyle’s Bikes in March 2008 was the realization of a lifelong dream for Kyle and his wife RaeAnn. For over 30 years, Kyle has been a staple in the central Iowa cycling community. He enjoys wrenching, fitting, and riding bikes. He also supports advocacy groups working to improve cycling in Iowa.

Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about all kinds of cycling and running. Some employees commute by bike year round and have great advice on winter riding, some race mountain bikes, some just ride for fun and fitness, and some are passionate about the mechanical side of things and have vast amounts of knowledge on equipment choices for any style bike. We run, we do trail running, and we've done triathlons.

We hope you’ll visit at 1840 SW White Birch Circle, Ankeny, Iowa 50023, or at 100 SE Laurel Street, Waukee, Iowa 50263.


Online StaffOur website, with its comprehensive product catalog of top triathlon and cycling gear, components, apparel, nutrition, and accessories, became KylesBikes.com in September of 2016. But it began long before that.

Kyle's Bikes opened with a focus on cycling, a small selection of running shoes, and dreams of expanding online. In early 2009, Kyer Robinson (Kyle's son) joined the company and began selling products from an eBay store. By selling items and shipping them all over the world, he built the systems that would develop into who we are.

The next step was a standalone website so that we could control and improve all elements of the sale. With the help and advice of triathlete Chris Vander Linden (a friend since middle school), Kyer launched DiscountTriSupply.com in August 2010. He built a team dedicated to streamlining the shopping experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.

As more triathlon products made their way into the retail store and more cyclocross, fat bike, and commuting products made their way onto the website, it began to make sense to operate under one consistent name...

We are Kyle's Bikes, your shop—online and in person—for all things cycling, running, and triathlon!