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Bar Mitts Cold Weather Shimano Road Handlebar Mittens

SKU: Bar-Mitts-Cold-Weather-Shimano-Road-Handlebar-Mittens

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Bar Mitts Cold Weather Shimano Road Handlebar Mittens

Bar Mitts Cold Weather Road Handlebar Mittens are pogies for your road bike! They attach to your handlebars to keep your hands warm and comfortable in the cold, rain, snow, and wind. They can help people who suffer with Raynaud's Disease.

Whether you call them mitts, pogies, or pogys, they block wind and bitter cold while allowing you to wear lighter, more flexible gloves.


  • Bar Mitts are easily installed and removed for temperature changes.
  • Bar Mitts stay secure on the handlebars while the body of the neoprene allows easy hand access & removal. Braking and shifting is also easily accomplished.
  • Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness, increasing dexterity due to thinner gloves.


SKU Bar-Mitts-Cold-Weather-Shimano-Road-Handlebar-Mittens
Color Black


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