Bike Fitting Services

Having a good position on your bike is important for all types of cyclist. Our bike fit services adjust your bike to your body to get you in that position.

Bike Fit Packages Chart

Bike Sizing

Price: $80, or free with bike purchase
Estimated Time: 30–40 minutes

  • Set saddle at proper height
  • Set saddle at proper position fore/aft
  • Get handlebar in comfortable position
  • Install pedals and cleats

Before you leave with your new bike, spend a little extra time with us (either on the floor or on our fit stand) so we can get your bike sized to fit you. This i

In-Home Bike Sizing (for indoor trainer, Peleton, Eschelon, or similar)

Price: $125 
Estimated Time: 30–40 minutes

  • Set saddle at proper height
  • Set saddle at proper position fore/aft
  • Get handlebar in comfortable position
  • Install pedals and cleats
  • Set bike on trainer and level, if applicable

Bike Fit Retül

Price: $125 during our Winter Bike Fit Special, plus parts add $25 for TT Bikes
Includes one Fit Followup visit
Estimated time: 1.5–2 hours
Please call for appointment

  • Discuss riding goals
  • Check cleat position
    • Adjust as needed
  • Find the right saddle and right saddle position
    • Replace saddle*, if necessary
    • Check/adjust saddle height 
    • Check/adjust saddle position fore/aft
  • Address stem and handlebar position
    • Check/adjust stem height and handlebar angle
    • Move levers, if necessary
    • Replace stem*, if necessary
    • Replace handlebar*, if necessary
    • Replace grips/tape*, if necessary
  • Repeat above steps until fit is dialed in

Come in for a comprehencive bike fit so we can adjust your bike to help you meet your goals. 

* Parts are an extra charge; labor for installation is included.

Fit Followup

Price: $20 (One followup visit free with Bike Fit)
Estimated Time: 15–20 minutes
Please call for appointment

  • Ask questions
    • What felt better?
    • What didn't feel as good?
  • Make adjustments to cleats, saddle, and stem/handlebars as needed

Over the course of the season, your weight, flexibilty, or needs may change. Or something that felt great at first may no long feel so good. Schedule a Fit Followup and let us adjust your bike to fit you better.

What Is a Bike Fit?

Some riders may be looking for a position that ensures maximum comfort and cycling ease. Some riders may be looking to increase power, efficiency, aerodynamics, and comfort. All riders will find that a proper fit will reduce their chance of developing cycling-related injuries.

The goal of the bike fit is to ensure the rider is comfortable with hands on the hoods, on the tops, and in the drops—or, on a flatbar bike, on the grips. The rider should be efficient while cruising, climbing, sprinting, and descending. A full bike fit will put the rider in a powerful and comfortable position, achieving a correct neutral fit that allows the rider to adapt to any terrain they encounter.

Fitting a bike begins with a discussion of the rider's goals and any previous injuries. The bike is put into a trainer so our bike fitter can observe the position and movements of the rider on the bike. We begin by looking at the cleat position on the shoe and the position of the shoe on the pedal. We check to be sure the rider is supported by the saddle and sits squarely so that they can achieve balanced power delivery. We will make adjustments to ensure alignment of the hip, knee, and foot throughout the pedal stroke. Additionally, we work to achieve a comfortable reach with a slight bend in the elbow and a neutral bend at the wrist. Handlebars need to be the correct width so that the wrists, elbows, and shoulders are in alignment. Finally, we cycle back through checking feet, saddle, and hands until the fit is dialed in.

Any of our bike fit services can be done with any bike and any rider. It is extremely helpful if you come ready to ride. Bring the shorts and shoes you currently ride in. If you are switching to a new pedal system, be sure to bring the new pedals and shoes.

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