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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Top 10 Triathlon Holiday Gift Ideas 2012

    Happy Holidays!

    In preparation for the last minute buying crunch of the holidays we asked the staff to put together the 10 best triathlon gift ideas. A couple of us are a little more ambitious with our gift giving than others, but think this list has something on it for everyone.

    Don't be afraid to ask for a little more this year because the products are plentiful and the deals keep on rolling. Whether this list is peaking your interest or you are looking for your triathlete friend, be sure to share it with everyone!

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  • Kyle's Bikes Winter Tune-Up Deal

    Kyle's Bikes winter bicycle tune up service is tradition at Kyle's Bikes.

    Winter time in Iowa means bike mechanics with not a whole lot to do. (Insert cricket noise in background.) This means lower prices for you!

    Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny, Iowa

    Kyle wants you to get a jump on the spring riding season or get checked out for the winter of trainer riding coming up.

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  • Zipp Tangente Tube and Valve Stem Extenders: How To

    by Patrick Davis

    Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders: How ToLearn about valve extender integration from Zipp Speed Weaponry.

    Deep section carbon rims are much more common for everyday use than they used to be. They come in many different depths and brake surface types. Zipp's Tangente line has been the forefront of aerodynamics and functionality since it was introduced. Their most recent addition is a super sleek, holistic approach to air sealed valve extenders.

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  • Guide to Race Number Belts

    by Patrick Davis

    Race Number BeltsRace number belts are annoying

    No joke. It is either the last thing to get stuffed in your race day bag or even forgotten. It's another thing to worry about in transition and has to be facing forward so the photo people can identify and coerce you into purchasing a photo.

    However, after looking past all of these nuisances they can definitely be useful. Belts are a much better option than pins, can be easily adjusted, and can be added onto for carrying extra goodies.

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  • Running Shoe Size Is Important

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz

    "But I've always worn a size 8!"

    By now you have probably caught on… Yes, this is something I hear a lot. When a shoe customer comes to Kyle's Bikes, one of the first things we are going to ask about is athletic history and any injury or pains currently associated with that. We rarely get the complete picture but can get an okay idea. Knee pain, shin splints, and lower back pain are among the most common mentioned.

    One of the most common pains not even mentioned is blisters!

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  • No More Numb Running Feet!

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz

    I monitor several online forums on the topic of running, and more specifically shoes. I do it primarily to find trends, listen to various peoples opinions, and learn or chime in with my knowledge. I have actually brought shoes into our inventory here at Kyle's Bikes that were highly regarded in some of these forums

    Occasionally a forum topic will disturb me and I have seen this one (or a variation of it) several times. The question usually goes something like, "Why do my feet go numb when I run or walk for several miles?" Seems like a simple enough question that typically results in an equally simple answer.

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