2013 Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoe Review

2013 Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoes

by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz

2013 Brooks PureFlow 2 Running ShoesHere's our first look at the new 2013 Brooks PureFlow 2 Running shoes! Have you tried PureFlow yet? The PureFlow is a lightweight, neutral, "natural" running shoe. If you haven't, you are missing out!

I saw the prototypes of the PureFlow 2 a few months ago and was eagerly anticipating them. The day has come and they are finally here! Of course, as soon as they arrived and unpacked, I had a pair on my feet. They were definitely worth the wait and across the board they no not disappoint. Below are the reasons why this shoe WORKS!

Brooks’ overall goal was to take the great success they had with the original and improve the fit. A normal thing to do with first generation shoes, but these were a hit from their first launch date. The feedback Brooks received from the first round of wearers was that the midsole is great but the upper needed a few tweaks. Brooks wanted to give a more snug fit through the midfoot and give it a more natural feel. [caption id="attachment_343" align="aligncenter" width="300"]2013 Brooks Pureflow 1 and 2 comparision 1 Brooks PureFlow and PureFlow 2 Comparison[/caption] They did not mess with the great features of the original including the Biomogo DNA Midsole and the same ideal heel technologies as the original PureFlow. Additions included an improved Navicular Band to enhance the midfoot wrap, and a changed lacing pattern to asymmetrical lacing which mimics the shape of the runner's foot. This creates less gapping around midfoot creating a more natural wrap around the top foot. They also added strategic welded overlays to add more strength with less weight. The most noticeable feature is the new wrap-tongue which locks around foot with envelope-style design.

Lacing the shoes with the asymmetric pattern takes a few moments to get used to, but does make the shoe fit like a glove. Combined with the wrap tongue, the fit of this shoe is amazing. An added benefit of the wrap tongue is that it won’t fall off to one side… it can’t. The PureFlow 2 is available for women in Diva Pink/Black and for men in Shocking Orange/Anthracite. Other colors will be available early in 2013.

I’ve described the original PureFlow as a home run. If that’s the case, the PureFlow 2 is a grand slam! Thanks, Brooks for a great upgrade.

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Julie win
I would really like to know the heel to toe drop on the pure flow 2 running shoe? Thanks
Pureflow drop is 4 Millemeters. Conventional shoes are 8 to 12 mil.
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