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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • 2013 USAT Collegiate Nationals Recap

    2013 USAT Collegiate NationalsThe course is cleaned up, bags have been packed and unpacked, and the athletes are back at their respective schools focusing on finals instead of race splits. But we're still thinking about "our" athletes, happy for the ones that made their goals, sad for those who had unforeseen setbacks, proud of all the work they all put into the preparation and execution, and jealous we didn't get to go to Arizona.

    Thirty-nine triathletes traveled from the University of Iowa and Iowa State University to Tempe, Arizona to compete in the 2013 USAT Collegiate Nationals, held Friday and Saturday, April 12–13. You can read their bios and goals in part one of our coverage.

    Here in Iowa the cross-state rivalry is always a big deal, so we have to start by reporting that, with over 100 schools represented, the University of Iowa Trihawks took 18th with 3003 points in the combined team totals and Iowa State University Triclones took 20th with 2805 points. On the women's side, the Triclones beat the Trihawks 1403 points (27th place) to 1156 points (33rd place). The Trihawk men had a superb finish on this national stage winning 5th place with 1847 points. The Triclone men scored 1402 points for 22nd place.

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  • Whole Wheat Bread vs White Bread

    by Dietitian Ellen

    Whole Wheat BreadThere is a great debate taking place at the world headquarters of Discount Tri Supply in Ankeny, Iowa. Any guesses as to the topic of discussion?

    Maybe we’re debating the optimal head/neck angle to achieve the most aerodynamic position for a 70.3 race?

    Or possibly the most favorable brand of goggles to allow for the best peripheral vision to check out the guy in the lane next to you at the YMCA, without having to make it obvious that you’re staring at him?

    Wrong and definitely wrong (but we probably have the goggles you are looking for, if this interests you).

    The somewhat unsuspecting debate is also a long standing debate in the nutrition world. What is the difference between white and whole wheat bread? Is one really that much better for you, nutritionally, than the other? Read on, my friend, and find out.

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  • The Stick: Easy DIY Exercise Recovery

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz 

    The Stick comes in different lengths and stiffnessesThe Stick bills itself as “A Toothbrush for Muscles” and the description could not be more accurate. We all rely on our toothbrush to keep our teeth healthy and The Stick does the exact same thing for our muscles.

    These simple little devices have been around for years. I bought myself a Stick shortly after I ran my first marathon in 1997, and they were already standard equipment in many runners' do-it-yourself therapy arsenals.  But I am still surprised by how many runners, cyclists, and triathletes are still unaware of the benefits of The Stick.

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  • Ironman 70.3 Texas: Tami Ritchie’s Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Tami

    Tami Ritchie's Arm after Ironman 70.3 TexasIronman 70.3 Texas was not the race for me. I really enjoyed being where it was warmer and there was some sunshine, but as for the actual race, not so much. In February I got a few days of riding outside, but otherwise I haven't had wheels on pavement since October '12. I feel like I can push myself all kinds of ways on the trainer, but it's still never the same as just getting out there and hammering away on the road for consecutive hours. That, combined with all kind of “life” things, made this race tough. I knew that going into it, but wanted to race and get that first race out of the way. In the end, it was a good thing. It reminded me about riding and pushing while outside and, along with that, reminded me about nutrition. I need to eat and drink more when I'm riding like that, especially when in the heat and humidity.

    Ironman Texas also reminded me about putting my bike together correctly. It was only when repacking my bike to come home that I realized I had the stem spacers below where my handlebars should be, when I normally have my bars as low as possible to be more aerodynamic. Seriously, is there not more screening or something before one can race as a professional??

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  • Salmon: Super Food for Athletes #10

    by Dietitian Ellen

    Super Food Salmon FiletsFishy, fishy!

    I’m going to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with seafood. There are times I cannot get enough of it, and other times… well, the smell can ruin my appetite. Fortunately, though, I have not met a salmon filet I do not like. Salmon is packed with nutritional properties that qualify it for the bragging rights associated with our 10th and final spot on our list of super foods for athletes.

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  • 2013 USAT Collegiate National Championship

    2013 USAT Collegiate National ChampionshipThe 2013 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship is almost here. This Friday and Saturday, April 12–13, over 1000 athletes from 108 schools across the US will compete for honors and prize money.

    The main event, so to speak, is the Olympic-distance triathlon Saturday morning. There will again be a four-person, draft-legal, mixed-team relay on Saturday afternoon. And this year there is a new addition: a draft-legal sprint on Friday for qualified athletes.

    Here at Discount Tri Supply, we are excited to watch the action, but we are in a bit of pickle. We are sponsoring BOTH the Iowa State University Triclones AND the University of Iowa Trihawks. Whom to root for… whom to root for…?

    Note: If you want to know where to go for live coverage of the races so you can watch them, too, check the end of this article for links.

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