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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Edmonton ITU Triathlon World Cup: Alex's Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin's Edmonton ITU Triathlon World Cup transition areaGetting onto the start list for my first international race made me giddy. The fact that it was a World Cup level race made me feel like I was moving up in triathlon simply by being at this race.

    In 2009, ITU draft-legal racing was divided into three levels of racing. World Triathlon Series (WTS) races are at the top with 6–8 races per year in some of the most iconic cities on the planet. This is the crème of the crop in triathlon: high-caliber, fast-paced racing. On the middle level are World Cup races with about 10 per year scattered across the globe. Then there are the entry level Continental Cup races of which there are a whole lot.

    Clermont, Sarasota, and Dallas, which I did earlier this year, were all Continental Cup races. But now I was stepping it up a notch, racing against a deeper field at a higher level.

    This was my first trip ever to Edmonton and my first time staying with a completely random homestay set up by the race director. Things couldn’t have gone better. I knew I was going to like Edmonton the moment I walked off the plane and saw a bunch of ads bragging about random facts about Alberta. Facts like… Bison used to repopulate wild populations all come from Alberta. Alberta has the most diverse number of dinosaur species anywhere in the world.

    Edmonton was a great city, the race organizers had put together a difficult and fun course, and my homestay was incredible. Gunther and Mary were extremely helpful and accommodating. They were both heavily involved with the race. Gunther was providing the beer for the post-race festivities, and their home was a quick bike ride from the race site. Overall I was left with an amazing impression of the city, the people, and the course.

    Edmonton will be the site of the Grand Final Championship next year. It will be an amazing race and who knows… maybe I’ll even get to be a part of it.

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  • Employee Profile: Kyer Robinson

    In this month's employee profile, we'd like to introduce you to Discount Tri Supply's big boss-man himself: Kyer Robinson.

    Kyer Robinson at Discount Tri Supply Kyer Robinson at Discount Tri Supply

    Kyer has worked at Discount Tri Supply since before the beginning. He started working here in March 2009, and the site was formally launched in August 2010.

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  • Pigman Sprint Triathlon: Tami's Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Tami Ritchie

    Tami Ritchie runs to the finish in the Pigman Sprint TriathlonThe Pigman Sprint Triathlon was on June 2nd, but it felt like April 2nd. Cold, cloudy, and very windy. My race did not go well.

    The swim went okay, though I was faster two years ago. The water was 64 degrees. It's a great temperature if you like wetsuits. I was leading the swim and out of T1.

    After exiting T1 I had trouble getting my feet in my shoes because my hands were so cold they didn't work quite right. For the first quarter of the bike I felt alright, felt like I could actually race. The last three quarters of the race I just felt flat and tired. I'm working on changing my bike position and a few other things to try and get this straightened all out—hopefully very soon! By the end of the bike I was in 6th place, but thankfully no longer cold.

    My flat and tired feelings continued on the run. There was really no one super close to me to really race (try to catch or stay ahead of) either, so I didn't really feel pushed, nor like I needed to push. I knew it was going to be an all-around slow race for me.

    It was a very bad race for me, but it has reminded me that I must do something about my bike fit. Also, I think I was just so busy the few weeks leading up to the race (working some nights, weddings, etc.) that by the time I got to race day I was already drained. Just another reminder about planning before races when possible.

    I hope the weather gets a bit sunnier soon and to see everyone outside training. Happy training and racing!

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  • Dallas ITU Pan American Cup: Tanelle's Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Tanelle

    Tanelle Berard runs in the Dallas ITU Pan American CupComing into this weekend, I was so ready to race! After Kansas, I was super motivated to improve and get back into shape. This came about with some very solid workouts (even in the week of the race). Because I had been putting in a lot of hard work, I was unfortunately not rested for the race, and it definitely showed in the run this past weekend. Overall, I am very happy with where I am progressing for this part of the season, and I am content with my 4th place finish in the Dallas ITU Pan American Cup.

    Now onto the race: I was very pleased with my swim compared to my previous races this year. I dove into the water and sprinted as hard as I could to get up to the front. Unfortunately, about 50 meters in, my shoulder was snatched by another swimmer, and all my forward momentum went to a halt. So, naturally, I was slightly swallowed up by a group of swimmers (that I eventually went around to bridge up to the front pack). In this race, I was able to recover from losing my rhythm for several strokes. At a bigger race, I will probably not be so lucky to be able to bridge to a stronger pack.

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  • Dallas ITU Pan American Cup: Alex's Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin at Dallas ITU Pan American CupThe Dallas ITU Pan American Cup was an A race for me. Being the U23 National Championship and having a trip to U23 worlds on the line, a lot was at stake. There were several contenders for the title and the trip. Although I didn’t consider myself a favorite, I was at least a dark horse to watch for. I think.

    The three weeks prior to this race were a wet blur. I had really upped my time and intensity in the pool. Two-hour swim sets became the norm and I was determined to not be left behind anymore! (I went to Kansas 5150 hoping to get a chance to see if I’d improved, but due to bad weather the swim there was cancelled.) I was down to only 2-3 bike rides per week. Allowing me to really increase my run mileage too. Coming into this race I had a big block of training and I was itching to show something for it.

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