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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Ironman Louisville: Tami’s Third Time is Not a Charm

    by Pro Triathlete Tami

    Tami Ritchie's fire burns hotter after Ironman LouisvilleIronman Louisville was my third Ironman race, and still not the proverbial “charm.” Again, a major (and a minor) bike issue cost me time on the side of the road and an indeterminable amount of time lost during the bike and consequentially the run.

    The race stated at 6:50 a.m. in the Ohio River. The water seems clearer once you are in it, than it does from ashore. I was still wondering if perhaps I should have brought some prophylactic antibiotics.

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  • Life Time Tri Chicago: Alex Libin’s Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin at Life Time Tri ChicagoLife Time Tri Chicago was my first profitable race!

    First a little recap of what's been happing in my life leading up to this race… After a successful race in Minneapolis, Kelli and I loaded up the van and headed west to Colorado Springs to find a place to live. We settled in a kick-butt townhome with lots of windows and open space at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. A couple weeks later we were desperately trying to catch our breath as we hauled stuff upstairs into our new bedroom. I'm sure all of this living at 6,300 feet will eventually pay off!

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  • High Quality Bike Shorts Are the Best Investment

    by Nicholas "Tri-Clyde" Sikes

    High Quality Bike ShortsPlease welcome Nicholas Sikes to our blog. He is a central Iowa amateur triathlete who races in the Clydesdale division. He will be writing regularly on the clothing and gear most important to those who are starting out in the sport. His articles will include, but won’t be limited to, the experiences of larger athletes. This month, find out how he learned about the benefits of high quality bike shorts.

    I am not sure what drives most people to become triathletes. For me it was the fact that I have always been heavy (especially following grad school) and, when trying to keep up with my 3-year-old daughter, I realized I needed to set a much better example for her.

    I liked biking, abhorred running, and hadn’t swum a lap in over a decade, so I figured triathlon could be a sport that challenged me to train consistently instead of just using short bouts of raw strength. I have always been strong, but I knew something must change when I would run out of breath after only two flights of stairs.

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  • Foam Roller: Pain Relief and Injury Prevention

    Foam roller can work out hip painby Patrick Davis

    If you are reading this, you are either an athlete or know one. This is a triathlon [and more!] website and blog after all!

    All athletes and friends of athletes know that stretching, massage, and other forms of muscle relief are important for overall athletic health. One thing that may already have become a room fixture for you is a foam roller.

    The foam roller is a home tool used for relieving sore spots, knots, and other athletic pains. No, it is not a torture device. I’m sorry to say that the process is not altogether pleasant, but it does leave you feeling much better. Personally I have very tight IT bands and use the roller religiously to keep that pain under control. I also find it very beneficial for lower legs, quads, and lower back.

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  • Operation Get Kyer to Do a Tri

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Kyer Robinson trains on the bike trail by the shopWhat do you do when you work for a company in the triathlon field (i.e., DiscountTriSupply.com) and you find out that your boss (i.e., Kyer Robinson) hasn’t ever actually done a triathlon?

    Well, if you’re me, you publicly harass him into doing one!

    It all started when we did Kyer’s employee profile for the blog in June. We learned that he’s always thought he’ll do a sprint tri “one of these days,” that he already swims, bikes, and runs, and that he and his wife are expecting twins in November. It was obvious to me that he had to do that someday sprint tri right now.

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  • Draft-Legal Triathlon Makes the Swim Important

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    In draft-legal triathlon, the swim is important to get a good bike positionThis year, my first year racing as a pro, I dedicated myself to focusing on draft-legal triathlon as much as I can. It’s tough to do as there aren’t many draft-legal races to compete in in the United States. I got my first taste of what it would be like in mid-March at the Clermont ITU Pan Am Cup. I was blown away with how fast these guys can swim!

    In the swim of a a draft-legal triathlon, it’s not just that you lose some ground and can then make it up by pushing hard on the bike—you are all alone while the packs ahead can work together and pull away.

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