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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Top Ten Best Gifts for Triathletes 2013

    Top Ten Gifts for TriathletesWinter holidays are just made for giving gifts to triathletes! They are all cooped up, sad without regular races to prep for, and probably pacing the floor. Give them some brand new shiny gear or something they can use to make winter training more bearable, and see them get excited.

    To help you find the right gifts to bring joy back to your loved one’s face, we have compiled this list of the absolute top ten best gifts for triathletes.

    In addition, we have created a 2013 Triathlete Gift Buying Guide section of our website where you will find gifts for every budget:

    • Stocking Stuffers (Under $15.00)
    • Great Gifts ($15–$100)
    • Gifts for Good Girls and Boys (Over $100)

    Here are what we think are the top ten gifts for triathletes this year:

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  • Beginner Triathlete Gift Wish List

    by Nicholas “Tri-Clyde” Sikes

    Beginner Triathlete Gift Wish ListWith Christmas coming, I felt it time to post some of my “must haves” for newcomers to triathlon and cycling. The intent is offer ideas and suggestions with a max price of $100 that are great Christmas gifts for you or your loved ones (or that strange dude down the street that shaves his legs to go “faster”).

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  • It’s the Off-Season. Relax!

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin relaxes in the off-seasonThe leaves have fallen and, for some, snow is on the ground. For many athletes, the off-season is in full swing. And you deserve it—spending most of the year on a rigorous training regime can leave even the most type-A athlete depleted. November is finally a time to kick back and catch up on all those forgotten parts of your life: friends, dirty garages, pets, family, work, and social life.

    But where to start… and how? After all, you most likely became an athlete because you enjoy the challenge each workout brings and the structure it provides in your life. How do you function now that this has been taken away from you?

    It’s common for athletes of all levels to experience some level of withdrawal and depression during this downtime period. Physically, your brain is no longer receiving a healthy dose of mood boosting endorphins, and mentally, you may lack the feeling of completing a challenge. So how do you combat this and come into next season stronger than ever?

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  • Toys! Of the Swimming Variety

    by Pro Triathlete Tami

    Swim toys make winter training more funKeep your swim training exciting this winter, use swim toys! Today there seems to be an endless list of toys to use in the pool. Most of these toys, or tools, are designed to help improve technique, strength, or both. I’ll cover a few of the toys and their uses here.

    With the holidays coming, many of these would also make good gifts for a friend!

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  • Dressing for Winter Running and Cycling

    by Bill “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz

    Dressing for Winter Running and CyclingLast fall I talked about keeping your hands and feet warm while running or biking on cold day (A Simple Cure For Cold Hands and Feet). Now that winter is just about here again, keeping the rest of you warm as well seems appropriate to talk about.

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  • Ironman 70.3 Austin: Tami Ritchie’s Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Tami

    Ironman 70.3 Austin was a rainy dayRace morning I woke up to thunder and rain so hard on the windows I couldn’t see out. By the time I was ready to head out to the race site it had settled down to just rain and occasional lightening.

    Ironman 70.3 Austin is set up with two separate transition areas. Parking is by T2 and you take a shuttle to the swim start/T1. We arrived at T2 and it was still showering some so we just waited in the car for a while. Eventually it was time to head over to T1. From then until pretty close to the original race start time, 7:30 a.m., it kept raining on and off but no thunderstorms.

    The start was delayed 15 minutes, which I found out at, oh, about 7:31.

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