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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Altra Torin Review

    by Sarah Cooper, Long Course Triathlete

    Altra Torin Running ShoesI've only been running in Altra Torin shoes for two months, but my experience has been so overwhelmingly positive that Bill asked me to share my thoughts about these shoes.

    I am 42 years old and have been a consistent year round runner for eight years. I have never been a high mileage runner, usually averaging 30–45 miles a week. I am primarily a long course triathlete and ultra distance cyclist, but I absolutely love to run.

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  • Red Flannel Run 2014: Andy Bernholtz’s Race Report

    by Andy Bernholtz, Kyle’s Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team

    Andy Bernholtz at the Red Flannel RunRed Flannel Run
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Five Mile Run
    15 Degrees F

    I woke up for the race fairly late as I had worked the night before. I did not truly know what to expect for weather so tossed on an Under Armour shirt, long sleeve shirt, running jacket, and hoodie for upper body support. I wore running shorts, tights, and sweat pants for bottoms. I also had on the typical gloves, stocking hat, and two pairs of socks one of which was a knee high pair.

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  • To Be or Not To Be... Coached?

    by Nicholas "Tri-Clyde" Sikes

    To Be or Not To BeTo be, or not to be... coached?
    That is the question... many athletes struggle with.

    Discussions around coaching seem to span a wide spectrum of emotions. With more and more resources online, the arguments for and against paying for a coach become less about needing expertise and more about needing customization. This is an argument I have been having with myself for the last three years and it is coming to the forefront as I contemplate my 2014 goals.

    Maybe you are having the same thoughts?

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