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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • National 24-Hour Challenge: Bill's Report

    by Bill “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz

    Bill Lorenz raced the 2014 National 24-Hour ChallengeSometimes the planets are aligned. Sometimes you get to exceed your expectations. Sometimes everything goes just right.

    That’s just what happened to me at the 2014 National 24-Hour Challenge Road Race in Middleville, Michigan. Everything was just right.

    The weather was perfect, I was sufficiently trained, my nutrition plan worked, I had no mechanical issues, and I felt comfortable throughout the ride. The entire day and night was never not fun and enjoyable.

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  • Odin's Revenge: Sarah's Report

    Sarah Cooper was the overall winner at the 2014 Odin's Revengeby Sarah Cooper, Long Course Triathlete and Ultracyclist

    Odin's Revenge
    170 mile gravel bike race
    Gothenburg, Nebraska

    Another crazy gravel road adventure is in the books, and somehow I managed to survive a really tough day and come out on top as the overall winner at Odin’s Revenge. I had heard nothing but positive things about this small event in Gothenburg, Nebraska and was really looking forward to an epic challenge. It ended up completely exceeding my expectations on all levels, and became a good lesson in persistence and determination.

    This year’s course was 170 or so miles of dirt and gravel roads. It’s a free event, and mostly self supported except water is available at points approximately 50 miles apart. The course winds through the countryside and is fairly remote.

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  • Cruise the Cornfields: Shawn's Report

    by Shawn Blaesing-Thompson, Kyle’s Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team

    Shawn Blaesing-Thompson rode Cruise the Cornfields to raise money for the National MS SocietyI chose to ride the Bike MS: C.H. Robinson Cruise the Cornfields (June 21st, 2014) because I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February of 2014 just a few short months before my 40th birthday. For those of you who do not know much about multiple sclerosis it is an autoimmune disease where a person's body attacks the protective coating, myelin, around the nervous system as well as the brain. It affects the nerves ability to send impulses correctly and can cause vision and motor impairment, as well as tingling in the extremities and fatigue just to name a few things. For more information about MS you can take a look at this great article from MNT Knowledge Center.

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  • Copper Creek Triathlon: Conner's Report

    by Conner Bernstein

    13-year-old Conner finishes the Copper Creek Triathlon after racing it soloMy name is Connor Bernstein and I was the youngest boy racer at Copper Creek Triathlon on June 22, 2014. I started out doing the triathlon as a team with my family. My parents and I have been a team for the last two years. My mom swims, my dad bikes, and I finish the race by running. There’s a joke in my family that my parents always “fire” the runner, looking for someone faster. Well after two years, I was the longest lasting runner on their relay team ever.

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