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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Will There Be a Fat Bike Triathlon?

    by Nathan Cline

    Will Jess do a fat bike triathlon?It seems that fat bike races are popping up all over in the last few years.  Heck, even USAC is jumping on the bandwagon with last year’s move to add a Fat Bike National Championships event. (Shout out to Amanda Miller—a native Iowan—who won last year!) As the race format dominos fall, I foresee fat biking continuing to become more and more popular. But will the sport adjust into existing race formats, like fat bike triathlon, or continue to forge its own path?

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  • Is Your Bike Ready for Triathlon?

    Is your bike ready for triathlon?In your training, you've perfected your swim stroke, improved your watts, and steadily increased your run miles. Now you are ready for the big day. But, is your bike ready for triathlon?

    The bike leg has the most equipment, and therefore, the most opportunity for something unexpected to go wrong.  With a bit of regular maintenance and attention to detail, your bike can be as ready as you are.

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