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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • How to Train with a Slower Rider

    By Nathan Cline

    How (not) to train with a slower riderIn order to train with a slower rider, adopt the role of the good shepherd. (Note: Like the opposite of megaphone-dude in the cartoon.)

    Not every ride can be exactly what you want. In life, as in bike riding, it is up to us to make the best out of any given situation. So when it comes time to ride with people of different ability levels, the more experienced cyclist has an opportunity to be a leader and help guide the other people on the ride. Here I will offer some tips and tricks that I have done myself to both give the person I am riding with a good experience and also get a workout for myself in the process.

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  • Products Our Staff Picks for Triathletes

    Products Our Staff Picks for TriathletesWe are proud of the resource we have in our staff. All of them have experience helping triathletes either online or in our retail store And of our employees many race or have have raced in triathlons, bike races, and running races. We are putting that experience to work for you with this list of products our staff picks for triathletes.
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