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5 Cold Weather Shoe Covers to Consider

by Nathan Cline

Five cold weather shoe covers to considerHere are five really fabulous Endura cycling shoe covers that we have in stock right now. A pair of shoe covers is a must-have going into cold seasons. First, I want to admit bias in the writing of this article as I do own two pairs of Endura overshoes. But I do for good reason: Endura has great shoe cover designs.

The goal of this article is to point out features and suggest to you which is best based on conditions and the type of rider you are.

MT500 II

Endura MT500 II overshoe shoe covers are great for mountain bikingEndura's MT500 II Overshoe is one of the toughest cold weather shoe covers on the market. Its one piece kevlar sole with a rugged molded toe slips over mountain bike style shoes easily. A quick zip up and a velcro cuff closure and you're good to go into any conditions. The neoprene fabric is warm, wind stopping, and water resistant. These are great for the hardcore rider that pushes the limits.

I have a pair of the MT500 and I like them better than other neoprene shoe covers because the one piece sole is easy to slip on and off and fasten/unfasten even when my hands are cold. Hey, frozen hands happen. They have seen me through many winter gravel miles and have held up exceedingly well, could not recommend these enough. Tough toe and good warmth!

Note: Use the MT500 II with mountain bike style cleats only. See comparison photo at the end of this article.

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Road II

Endura Road II overshoe shoe covers are wind proofThe Endura Road II Overshoes are wind proof neoprene shoe covers that have a slick finish with reflective panels. They have a one piece sole that has a snap down zipper and a velcro closure providing a snug heel fit. A welded seam between sole and neoprene uppers make the transition watertight.

These are great gift idea for the athletic riders who would sometimes ride below freezing.

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Endura Dexter overshoe shoe covers are waterproofThe Endura Dexter is a soft to the touch, packable, and waterproof shoe cover. There is have a one piece sole and a zipper closure with a velcro cover. For safety they have reflective panels and side print. Easy to take on and off, these can fit on any bike shoes.

Because they are packable and waterproof, these are a great shoe cover for active riders and commuters who don’t like to ride below freezing.

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FS260-Pro Slick

Endura FS260-Pro shoe covers are windproofThe Endura FS260-Pro Slick is a windproof slick shoe cover that fits nicely in a jersey pocket. These covers have an open sole with velcro strap in the center. The highly stretchy fabric adds wind protection to any shoes. Reflective print and bar on heal help you be safe at night.

These shoe covers are great for performance cyclists that don’t want to ride below 45°F/7°C.

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Luminite II

Endura Luminite II shoe covers have 360 degree visibilityThe Endura Luminite II is a waterproof shoe cover with 360 degree reflectivity. The sole opens up fully and slides onto shoes with no problem. Velcro closures go up the full heel and it’s up to you how tight you want them. The stretch Kevlar abrasion resistant toe holds up very well. These shoes covers are able to work with all kinds of shoes and cleats. The reflective paint grabs attention and help keep you and your loved ones safe.

They are great for all commuters and general cyclists.

I have a pair of the Luminite and use them regularly in the winter. When it's dark, I appreciate the warmth and added safety for my dark morning commutes. I have also used them in a cyclocross racing. They stayed in place while running and worked well with my cleated shoes. I gave my wife a pair last year, and she loves them.

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Shoe Covers Summary

The undersides of Endura sure covers vary from style to style.We call them booties or shoe covers here in Iowa, but Endura is from Scotland and they call them overshoes. Whatever they are called, they get the job done. These are the "get to the end of the adventure without a problem" shoe covers.

Thanks for reading and keep riding!

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