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Katherine A. Roccasecca

  • Indoor Bike Trainer Buying Guide

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca 

    Indoor Bike Trainer Buying GuideMaybe it never gets bitterly cold where you live and train. Maybe you don't have to contend with 18 inches of snow on the roads. However, there are still plenty of reasons for you to get an indoor bike trainer.

    We will share those reasons with you, and once we have convinced you that you need one, this indoor bike trainer buying guide will help you narrow down the overwhelming choices.
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  • It's Easy to Clean Your Bike Chain

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    It's easy to clean your bike chain with a chain cleaning toolA clean and lubricated bike chain won't make any noise. If your chain is squeaking or sounding gritty, that means you are both wasting energy and wearing out your chain. Since it's easy to clean your bike chain (and kinda fun, too), just find a few minutes and get it done!

    We'll tell what you need and describe how to do it. Then, you may be surprised how much easier it is to ride your bike!

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  • Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra 2016: Katherine's Report

    Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra: Katherine's Race Reportby Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra: Short Course
    150 Mile Gravel Bike Race
    St. Charles, Iowa
    Saturday, October 29, 2016

    The Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra is Sarah Cooper's creation. Successful as a road and gravel ultracyclist, she wanted to step into the role of race director as well. The headline race was 200 miles, and she offered a 150-mile version for those who couldn't fathom riding 200 miles of gravel and dirt roads but still wanted to push themselves to their own version of epic. For both courses she promised, "the best big hills, small towns, old barns, rickety bridges, and B roads that I can find."

    I am primarily a mountain biker and had only ever done two 100-mile rides (one paved, one flat gravel, both last year) but bunches of 100K gravel rides. The 150-mile Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra felt epic yet possible, if I trained. I was the first to sign up when registration opened in May.

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  • Which Watch? How to Find Your Next Sports Watch

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    PrintDo you find yourself asking, "Which watch should I get?" … Poll your friends, tri club, or running group for the best watch—you'll get at least twenty different answers, and it will only tell you which watch is right for them. We will help you find which watch is the best sports watch for you.

    First you need to imagine yourself using the watch. What do you plan to use it for? What might you also want to use it for? Continue reading

  • Garmin Edge 820 Review

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Garmin Edge 820 ReviewI recently upgraded from the Forerunner 310XT to the Edge 820, so that will give an interesting perspective to this Garmin Edge 820 review!

    For some time, I had been considering getting a bike-specific computer. I do a lot of cycling (both road and mountain bike) compared to swimming, running, and triathlon. In the last couple years, I've even been getting more into gravel riding. This means that the ability to follow courses has become more important to me. (Yes, the 310XT has a courses feature, but have you seen how small the screen is?)

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  • Find Relief from the Summer Sun

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Find Relief from the Summer SunAs the days lengthen and the weather warms up, we have to do our workouts—including our long runs and bike rides—anyway. But if there is one thing we crave, it's relief from the summer sun.

    That's why we put our heads together and brainstormed all the tips and products we could think of that have made training in summer in Iowa easier for us. Here, we're sharing it with you.

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