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Big Ride Final Prep Repair Event 2018

Big Ride Final Prep Repair Event 2018You're busy getting ready for RAGBRAI. Final training rides. Tent pulled out from the closet. Air mattress patched. Last checks of the packing list. … But is your bike ready?

We don't want you to break down at the side of the road during the big ride. You don't want to break down.

Kyle and staff are up for a challenge, and will be doing while-you-wait repairs at the shop on Saturday, July 14th from noon to 5:00 p.m.

Like a Roadside Repair Stand But Better

Just like a roadside repair stand, Kyle and staff will be on their feet all afternoon, taking repairs as they come in—first come, first serve—and fixing them while you wait.

But better than the roadside, we have air conditioning and a larger selection of available replacement parts.

So bring your bike and get in line!

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