Bluff Creek Triathlon: Scott's Report

Bluff Creek Triathlon was Scott Carkoff's first at the Olympic distance
by Scott Carkhuff, Kyle’s Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team Bluff Creek Triathlon was Scott Carkoff's first at the Olympic distanceMy First Olympic Distance Tri Bluff Creek Olympic 1500 m Swim, 40 km Bike, 10 km Run Don Williams Park, Boone County, Iowa August 10, 2014 Couldn’t have asked for a better morning to have a triathlon, even better yet, my longest race so far. Weather was perfect and everything was shaping up for a good day. The race started at 8:00 a.m. We had to take a shuttle to the swim start, and then we would swim across the lake. This race was wetsuit legal, which is kind of odd for this time of year in Iowa. This would also be my first time wearing a wetsuit in a race. Note to self: “Apply body glide to the back of the neck!” I got a nice little mark from the wetsuit rubbing. Nothing major though. Swim start was a mass start, so all the Olympic distance racers went all at the same time. The swim seemed okay. I’m not a super fast swimmer, just an average swimmer, so I try to save my energy and just get through the swim. I did swim right through some tall grass or moss or something, which kind of freaked me out for a couple seconds. That was about all of the excitement on the swim for me.

Scott dismounts his bikeT1 went fine, wetsuit came off easily, sunglasses, helmet, bike shoes, and I was heading out on the road.

The bike course seemed like you could really get some speed and keep it pretty steady for the most part. There was one huge hill where you could go 50 mph down and like 8–10 mph going up. Since the course was an out and back we had to do it on the way back also. Right after the 2nd hill, I saw teammate Andy Bernholtz and caught up to him with about 3 miles left on the bike. We entered T2 at about the same time. T2 went fine. I have to put socks on so it takes me a tad longer. Otherwise, everything went well in T2.

Scott and Andy were neck-in-neck at the start of the Bluff Creek Triathlon run legSo, Andy and I headed out on the run course pretty much at the same time. [pic of them both] The run was a two-lap run, and then it finishes on an off-road trail. At the turnaround I didn’t realize I still had another lap so I picked up my pace a little, but then I got to the turn and they said, “You have to do another lap.” That was a big let down!!

On the second lap, Andy caught back up with me and we were running pretty much side by side the last 2 miles or so. About halfway down the finishing trail I had a little sprint left in me so I sprinted to the finish line, finishing my first Olympic distance triathlon in 2:22:27 — Swim = 29:58 / T1 = 58.6 / Bike = 1:04:45 / T2 = 50.2 / Run = 45:54. Thanks Kyle’s Bikes and and family!! Next, my first 70.3!!
Full results from Bluff Creek Triathlon are online at True Time Racing.
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