Copper Creek Triathlon: Scott's Report

Scott comes through T1 at Copper Creek Triathlon
by Scott Carkhuff, Kyle’s Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team Scott Carkuff comes out of the water at Copper Creek TriathlonThe Copper Creek Triathlon was my first sprint tri of the year. That and just coming off of a foot injury that sidelined me for 3–4 weeks, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The event started at 8:00 a.m., and I knew there was a chance of rain. I was just hoping it would hold off so we could start the race. I showed up to the event at about 6:15, and got a decent spot in transition. The swim warm-up was from 7:00–7:30. Fellow teammate, Andy Bernholtz, and I headed over to jump in the water and get a little swim done. We arrived at the start and we noticed everyone getting out. Then we heard they were not allowing anymore swimmers in the water because they were going to start the event 15 minutes early. The guy monitoring the swim area said they were shortening the length of the swim also. That would actually be untrue. The swim starts went in waves, mine was the 3rd wave. In the same wave were fellow teammates Andy Bernholtz and Christian Baughman. They took us out in the water between two buoys we treaded water for a minute, and before you knew it, the cannon went off and we were going. The swim was 750 meters, I felt like I was in the water for eternity! I got out of the water in 17 minutes, and my Garmin said 869 meters. I knew it felt like I had been in the water for awhile. Scott Carkuff finishes the Copper Creek Triathlon bike legOff to T1 I went. T1 went smoothly. Sunglasses, helmet, and shoes and I was off. I had chosen to ride my Specialized Venge road bike instead of my Shiv due to the short course and hills and the possibility of rain. I averaged 21.8 on the bike and was happy with that. On to T2. Everything in T2 went fine, I need to try running without socks so I don’t have to worry about putting them on in transition. Socks on, hat, race belt, and I was off to the run. At that moment it started to rain, which didn’t seem to bother me as much as the continuous hills for the first 1.5 miles. I was slower on the run which is probably due to my limited time running the last month or so, still working on trying to get my speed back and my running endurance. Finished in 1:18. 9th in my division. Overall the event went well and showed me what I need to work on. I think I will improve as the season goes on! Thanks to Kyle’s Bikes and Also, thanks to my teammates Andy, Christian, and Shawn, to my wife for being a trooper and taking pictures, and to my mom for cheering and watching my 2 biggest fans, my 2 daughters, Payton & Teagan. Can’t wait to do it again!
Complete results from the Copper Creek Triathlon can be found at Online Race Results.
2014-06-27 20:31:38
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Christian Baughman
Heckuva ride Scott! I'm so glad the foot is better - you've got a great season ahead of you!
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