CycleOps Bike Trainer Replacement Parts

by Patrick Davis

CycleOps Bike Trainer Replacement PartsTrainer season is here in the midwest. Temps are dropping and snow is looming in the near future. This doesn't mean cycling has to stop. It just means the next few months are filled with blasting tunes, movie watching, and fun trainer rides.

Trainers are, for the most part, made to last forever. They have great warranties and, unless Mark Cavendish locks in, these things will get most riders through decades of riding. Over time, however, some parts might not work as great as when they were new.

If you own or are thinking of purchasing a CycleOps trainer you are in luck. They make a great product that lasts for a long time and works every time. In addition, they make it easy to get ahold of the bits and pieces needed to keep you training.

CycleOps Lifetime Warranty

One thing to mention is the lifetime warranty CycleOps offers on their products. As a local shop and online company we have had customers need warranty help in both settings. In our experience, CycleOps does a great job fixing or replacing the product and keeping the customer happy. Make sure to keep your receipt because the warranty applies to the original owner only. Also, it applies to hardware parts that do not wear out through use.

CycleOps Replacement Parts

If you have worn out or lost parts, before shopping for a new trainer, turn that “piece of crap trainer” back into an important training tool. Take a look at this list of products we have that wear out over many miles of use.

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Trainer Foot1. Trainer Foot. Those little rubber feet on the legs of the trainer are pretty darn important. Not just as a buffer between metal and floor, but little do many people know these act as a leveling tool. They are drilled off-center so you can twist them around and get a balanced trainer even on an unlevel surface. The problem with these little feet is they sometimes fall off and get lost. These trainer feet are compatible with “classic series” trainers. This includes the Fluid2, Magneto, Mag, Mag+, and Wind trainers. For about $5 you can get a replacement. (Part number: 13899)  Buy Now

2. Trainer Bolt Action Kit. These trainers can put up with a lot of abuse before needing a little TLC. As with anything, when there are moving parts, things get worn down. The locking mechanism on these trainers plays an important role in keeping your bike safely locked in.

When do you know these pieces need replaced?

  • The knob does not stay in the slider due to it getting stripped out.
  • The slider does not hold the skewer properly. Sometimes with improper use the slider end can get worn down and not hold tightly.
  • Your trainer skewer looks nothing like a skewer anymore. These things get abused and need replaced from time to time.

CycleOps Trainer Bolt Actions KitKit with spring slider: This replacement Bolt Action Assembly Kit is for CycleOps classic series trainers built in 2014 and newer (black frame). The kit includes the slider tube with internal spring, the lever handle, and a trainer skewer. (Part number: 21710)  Buy Now

CycleOps Trainer Bolt Action KitKit with plain slider: This replacement Bolt Action Assembly Kit is for CycleOps classic series trainers built before 2014 (gray frame). The kit includes the slider tube, the lever handle, and a trainer skewer. (Part number: 20921)  Buy Now

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Trainer Skewer3. Trainer Skewer. This is the part most likely to get lost over the summer. You took it off last spring to put on the nice lightweight skewer that color matches your bike. Unfortunately, that fancy skewer isn't made to withstand the forces of the trainer, nor is it shaped correctly to make a secure fit. Pick up a couple extra trainer skewers, one for each bike that you will put on the trainer.  Buy Now

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Trainer Knob Kit4. Trainer Knob Kit. Are you having troubles tightening the trainer roller to your tire? A lot of older generation trainers have this knob style tightener and with use it may eventually need replacing. The kit comes with knob, knob nut, and L-bolt. It is pretty easy to swap out and get back to riding. This is for all classic series trainers, not the pro series. (Part number: 19883)  Buy Now

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Trainer Clutch Knob Kit5. Trainer Clutch Knob Kit. Do you have a current clutch knob  that does not work well, or want to upgrade from the old trainer knob or cam lever? Never worry about number of knob turns when trying to get consistent feel from ride to ride. Simply turn the knob until it clicks. This is compatible with all classic series trainers. (Part number: 9713)  Buy Now

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Mag Triner Remote6. Shifter for Mag Trainers. This is either an add-on or replacement part. Mag trainers have multiple levels of liner resistance. There are two ways to change resistance to match different workout types. Riders can change resistance levels by getting off and adjusting it on the unit itself. However, getting off your bike ruins the flow of the ride. This lever quickly and easily attaches to your handlebars. All Mag (not Magneto) trainers can be retrofit to work with this adjuster. (Part number: 9703)  Buy Now

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Wheel Adapter7. 20/24” Wheel Adapter. The wheel adapter is great for putting a kids bike or recumbent on a trainer. This adapter changes the flywheel and drum height to match a 20" or 24" tire. With some simple tools and this kit, the whole family can be riding in no time! Can be used with classic series trainers (Wind, Mag, Mag+ Magneto, and Fluid2). (Part number: 9705)  Buy Now

CycleOps Replacement Parts: Roller Belt8. Roller Belt. Maybe you use rollers instead of a trainer. Is your roller belt fraying, slipping, or broken? This monster rubber-band-looking replacement will get you riding again quickly. Installation is very simple. All models of CycleOps rollers use the same belt so there are no questions of compatibility. (Part number: 14040)  Buy Now

If the part you need isn't listed above, please ask in the comments or give us a call.

9 years ago
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9 years ago at 12:22 PM
I'll be the first to admit that I had absolutely no idea that those feet work like that. That's pretty cool.
Daren Munroe
9 years ago at 3:49 PM
I have been looking for the "other" side of the bolt action kit. Does anyone know if that is even available?
9 years ago at 9:13 AM
This part? <img src="" width="300" alt="" />
Daren Munroe
9 years ago at 8:55 PM
That is the one - does anyone know if there are replacements for that?
9 years ago at 3:10 PM
Daren, we are working with our CycleOps rep on that right now. It is not a standard part on their parts list. I'll be out Monday and Tuesday, but I'll get someone to shoot you an email with an answer.
9 years ago at 1:07 PM
Daren, I hope you got our email with the request from CycleOps for photos of your trainer. The above photo of mine showing the part is pretty and all, but I guess they want to know exactly what’s wrong with yours before they proceed. Go ahead and email us at
David brown
9 years ago at 11:15 PM
You guys are the only place to list spare parts for CycleOps trainers. I need to replace the lock washer shown in the picture above. My son removed and lost mine. I can use the trainer but it is wobbly without having the lock washer.
Charles Sweiderk
9 years ago at 11:06 AM
L-bolt broke on my magneto trainer
9 years ago at 11:16 AM
Charles, The L-bolt is not available separately, but is included as part of the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Trainer Knob Kit</a> (#4 in the article). We have free ground shipping to the lower 48 states, so it isn't too expensive.
9 years ago at 3:33 PM
I am looking for the black bushing that goes around the action bolt. Without it the action bolt wobbles. Thanks!
9 years ago at 10:48 AM
If you are referring to the part shown in this picture, we can likely get that part from CycleOps for you even though it is not a standard replacement part. Please contact our purchaser, Bill, at <img src="" alt="Action Bolt Bushing" />
Elizabeth Loeb McCane
4 years ago at 10:14 AM
This is exactly what I need
Bob Hamilton
9 years ago at 12:31 PM
I have older model fluid trainger. Broke plastic handler for locking down bike wheel. Is there a replacement part for this?
9 years ago at 12:54 PM
I, too, have an older CycleOps Fluid trainer. Those things last forever! The <a href="" title="Trainer Bolt Action Kit" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Trainer Bolt Action Kit</a> has a black plastic handle on the end. Once I get the bike in position, this is what I use to lock it in. The <a href="" title="Trainer Knob Kit" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Trainer Knob Kit</a> is a black plastic piece as well. It is what I turn to move the roller up against the rear tire. If you are referring to a different part, go ahead and email a picture of it to me at <a href=" Trainer Part" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>. We’ll figure it out!
Brian Kraus
8 years ago at 4:45 PM
Hi, the link for the "Trainer Bolt Action Kit" seems to be broken. I'm also interested in a pair of replacement black bushings that Gerry mentioned above. Is that something that can be ordered?
8 years ago at 9:21 AM
I was curious if those feet would work as replacements for rear feet. The feet have disappeared off of the rear (part closest to the resistance unit) of my trainer, and I need replacements. I believe that this was manufactured prior to 2013.
8 years ago at 9:58 AM
Yes! For your convenience, here is the link to order: <a href="" title="CycleOps Replacement Rubber Trainer Foot" rel="nofollow">CycleOps Replacement Rubber Trainer Foot</a>
john mclean
8 years ago at 5:52 AM
Hi Katherine that last link doesnt appear to work as i too require rear feet for my cycleops jet fluid pro thanks
8 years ago at 12:19 PM
John, I apologize for the broken link. We recently migrated the entire store to a new platform. We will need to fix quite a few product links from the blog. Here is the new link for <a href="" title="CycleOps Replacement Rubber Trainer Foot" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">CycleOps Replacement Rubber Trainer Foot</a>. Thank you for asking!
David Paulson
8 years ago at 4:28 PM
Cool Blog
Tammy Thomas
8 years ago at 4:32 PM
Hi! The metal part that my tire rests on while on the trainer has worn plum through. Can this be replaced? Thanks!
8 years ago at 5:00 PM
As I understand it, the roller is not typically sold as a replacement part. However, if you contact CycleOps, their lifetime warranty should take care of you.
Tammy Thomas
8 years ago at 10:20 AM
8 years ago at 9:40 PM
Is there any way to get new bearings for the shaft?
8 years ago at 7:31 AM
Amy, that is a question you will need to ask CycleOps. We don't have bearings on any of our parts lists from them. I'm sorry. Here is their contact information:
7 years ago at 8:05 PM
My cycleops jetfluid pro. The cam adjustment handle and screw (some threads have been stripped). Is this covered by warranty?
7 years ago at 9:03 AM
Paul, thanks for the question and the photo. The CycleOps folks have been great to work with, so if you have any question as to whether something may be covered by warranty, you have nothing to lose by asking. Here is their contact information: If you wish to purchase the replacement part, we have it in stock:
7 years ago at 8:34 AM
My Cycleops Jetfluid Pro - the spring within the cam operation does not work very well? Is this something that would be covered by the warranty? I have not seen a spring, I just feel the tension not releasing in a smooth manner. Also the long bolt seems to have some stripped threads caused by the nut - again this has not been touched as this machine was only ever used by my wife with her one bike - so no changes in settings were needed. Thanks
7 years ago at 9:01 AM
The CycleOps folks have been great to work with, so if you have any question as to whether something may be covered by warranty, you have nothing to lose by asking. Here is their contact information: If you wish to purchase the replacement part, we have it in stock:
D albert
7 years ago at 5:54 PM
I'm looking for the part that grabs on to the skewer on the left side
7 years ago at 9:58 AM
Is this the part you are referring to? It comes with the plastic sleeve and is made in two sizes. If you pull the plastic sleeve that the "grabber" threads into out of the frame, you can measure the inside diameter of the frame. The two frame sizes are very close, so please be sure to measure carefully.
Blake Densley
7 years ago at 7:33 PM
I have an older cycleops fluid trainer and I may be dumb, but the skewer doesn't seem to fit the housing correctly. I bought a new skewer from cycleops to see if that was the issue, but it is not. I have a picture attached. There is a significant gap on the side of the skewer with the quick release when the housing is around it. Is the skewer supposed to sit deeper in that housing? Any suggestions?
Darren Jermyn
7 years ago at 1:05 PM
Hi there. Do you sell the part in the picture below? It connects the L-bolt to the knob on the Cycleops Wind Trainer. I can't find it anywhere online. I'm pretty sure I see it in your parts picture above but I don't know what is it called. Thanks in advance.
PE Colin
7 years ago at 9:16 PM
hello, I have an older cycleops fluid trainerpro, and i have loose the part that grabs on to the skewer on the left side. I have still the plastic sleeve. Are you selling it? Thanks and best regards.
Elizabeth Loeb McCane
4 years ago at 10:12 AM
I've lost the bushing that holds the outside end of the plain slider in place. I can still use the slider but it's tricky and hard to slide.
Tracy Santagate
2 years ago at 7:58 AM
I am looking for a replacement power cord for CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Stationary Trainer Spinning Bike...does anyone know where I could find one?
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