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Cyclist Gift Guide 2016

Cyclist Gift Guide 2016Here at Kyle's Bikes we know bikes and we know cyclists. This cyclist gift guide should help you find just the right gifts for all the cyclists on your list this holiday season. If you have have any questions, call or stop by, tell us about the kind of riding your cyclist does, and we'll help you with your options.

As with our other gift guides, we have selected gifts in a wide range of prices. Order online or in our retail store. Have your purchased shipped to you or select in store pickup.

SRAM RED eTap Electronic Shifting Road Kit

Cyclist Gift Guide: SRAM RED eTapIf you have a cyclist in your life who has been very, very good this year, get them the SRAM RED eTap Electronic Shifting Road Kit.

Wireless electronic shifting is the way of the future because it allows the entire drivetrain of the bicycle to be rethought and improved.

With SRAM RED eTap Shifters, the basic logic is simplified for speed: right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers to change the front ring. These signals are then sent to the front and rear derailleurs which instantly and precisely make the shift.

This kit includes everything you need to upgrade a SRAM RED 11-speed road group to electronic shifting. If you have questions before purchase, give us a call or read through SRAM's Road Electronic Groupset FAQ to check compatibility.

Price: $1660

SRAM RED eTap Electronic Shifting Road Kit: Buy Now

Elite Rampa Interactive Trainer

elite-rampa-interactive-trainerHelp your cyclist stay fit all year round with an indoor trainer. We are recommending an electronically controlled interactive trainer this year because they have come down in price and because the software for them has developed for more than just the type-A competitive cyclist/triathlete.

(If you'd like to explore less expensive, basic fluid, magnetic, and even wind trainers, read through our Indoor Bike Trainer Buying Guide.)

Software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone controls the resistance to match either a prescribed workout or a real world course. These real world courses with accompanying video can make indoor winter training actually fun!

We like the Elite Rampa Interactive Trainer because of the quiet elastogel roller and the fast fixing system that makes it quick, easy, and safe to secure the bicycle to the trainer.

Price: $649.99

Elite Rampa Interactive Trainer: Buy Now

Indoor Bike Trainer Buying Guide: Read Now

Serfas E-Lume USL-1500 Headlight

Cyclist Gift Guide: Serfas E-Lume USL-1500If there is any chance your cyclist will be riding at night, they will need a good headlight. We like the Serfas E-Lume 1500 for its sleek design and high output.

At night your can get 1.5 hours at 1500 lumens or 2.5 hours at 1000 lumens. You can make the battery last longer by turning it down to 700 or 200 lumens. The battery indicator light around the power button shows three different levels of charge.

This light holds up to rain and storms, and has Serfas's usual high level of quality.

Price: $139.95

Serfas E-Lume USL-1500 Headlight: Buy Now

Specialized Centro Winter LED Helmet

Cyclist Gift Guide: Specialized Centro Winter LED HelmetAll the Specialized Centro helmets and designed for commuters and city riders. If this is the kind of riding your cyclist does, they will appreciate the casual styling and a rear vent that accommodates bike locks.

The winter helmet keeps them warm on that commute even on cold winter days with its insulated liner.

Our favorite feature is the integrated LED taillight to help your cyclist be more visible on the streets.

Price: $69.99

Specialized Centro Winter LED Helmet: Buy Now

Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wireless Bike Computer

Cyclist Gift Guide: Specialized SpeedZone SportHow far? How fast? How long? Every cyclist wants to know these things. It's basic. The Specialized SpeedZone Sport does these well. It has fields for current speed, clock, odometer, trip distance, average speed, max speed, and trip time.

(If your cyclist want all the bells and whistles to record training data and plot their progress, consider our whole selection of biking computers.)

We recommend the SpeedZone Sport because it is wireless and easy to set up. The batteries in both the computer and speed/cadence sensor are user replaceable. It comes in several different colors, including black.

Price: $39.99

Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wireless Bike Computer: Buy Now

Topeak Aero Wedge QuickClick Seat Bag

Cyclist Gift Guide: Topeak Areo Wedge QuickClick Seat BagNo cyclist wants to be stranded out on a ride and need to call for a ride. A bag carried under the seat of the bike can hold a tube, patch kit, tire levers, CO2, multi-tool, etc.

We recommend the Topeak Aero Wedge QuickClick Seat Bag because of its large opening and the QuickClick system. The QuickClick makes it easy to get the bag off and back on the bike without having to fuss with feeding straps through the saddle rails.

Price: $27.95–37.95

Topeak Aero Wedge QuickClick Seat Bag: Buy Now

XLAB Tire Mate CO2 Mini Pump

Cyclist Gift Guide: XLAB Tire MateCO2 cartridges and an inflator head are the fastest way to refill a tire after a flat. But what if your mountain biker only needs to top off a little pressure lost before their tubeless sealant sealed the hole, or what if it was a really bad day and your cyclist has run out of CO2 cartridges?

We recommend carrying a mini pump for these occasions, so why not carry a combination mini pump and CO2 inflator?

At just 4.6 inches long the XLAB Tire Mate CO2 Mini Pump fits easily into a seat bag.

Price: $27.95

XLAB Tire Mate CO2 Mini Pump: Buy Now

CamelBak Podium Ice Water Bottle

Cyclist Gift Guide: CamelBak Podium IceThis past summer we set out to see if insulated water bottles really made a difference. We discovered that they do, and the CamelBak Podium Ice won in our testing.

Every cyclist needs a water bottle. In a hot climate (like here in Iowa), why not get the bottle that keeps drinks cooler, longer?

Price: $25.00

CamelBak Podium Ice: Buy Now

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CEP Dynamic+ Cycle Socks

Cyclist Gift Guide: CEP Dynamic+ Cycle SocksDoes your cyclist ever complain about poorly fitting socks, extra fabric creating hotspots, or toes getting numb? We love the CEP Dynamic+ Cycle Socks because the right/left cut and gentle compression eliminate all these problems.

They come in different weights, a variety of colors, and two heights. Pick out a few pair!

Price: $20.00–22.50

CEP Dynamic+ Cycle Socks: Buy Now

Park Tool GP-2 Super Patch Kit

Cyclist Gift Guide: Park Tool Super Patch KitFlat happen. It's always a good idea to carry a spare tube. However, patching a tube is more cost-effective than replacing it, and in the case of multiple flats on one ride, it's easier to carry multiple patches than multiple spare tubes.

We like the Park Tool pre-glued Super Patch kit because they are easy for anyone to use. There is no need to mess with a tube of cement. Just lightly sand the area around the hole with the included square of sand paper, clean the area, and apply one of the six patches.

Price: $2.99

Park Tool GP-2 Super Patch Kit: Buy Now

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