Cyman Triathlon: Kyer Robinson’s Race Report

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Kyer begins his tri career at CyMan Triathlonby Kyer Robinson My tri career started when Katherine was writing a profile about me. She noticed that I run a triathlon business and had never done a triathlon. She asked me about it and I told her that I have always been planning on doing one, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. She then proceeded to publicly challenge me to do a triathlon before the end of the year. If you don’t know, I am having twin boys in the next month or so, and she thought I needed to do it before the boys were born. I accepted the challenge sometime in July. I decided I better find a sprint tri and the later the better (more time to train). I chose the Cyman Triathlon because it was close and the latest one I could find. We also were a sponsor at this race, so why not? After committing myself to do the tri, I realized that we had several other employees who had never done a tri before. I decided to rope as many people into the race as I possibly could. I was able to get David Paulson, Bret Whitaker, Patrick Davis, Katherine Roccasecca, Bill Lorenz, and Bill’s girlfriend, Saraleigh, to do the race with me.


[caption id="attachment_2162" align="alignright" width="300"]Kyer's bike training At least Kyer felt comfortable on the bike[/caption] After getting the crew talked into racing with me, it was time to start training. I had not done any real training since high school. I guess you could say I was pretty out of shape. I did feel pretty good about the swim as I had swum for three years in high school. Also, I have always biked a little, just not as much as I would like. The run was the part of the race the scared me to death. I have never really been able to run well. The game plan was simple: try to work out in one of the three areas at least four times a week and work on building my base for most of the time, as I assumed this was the area where I could improve the most. Patrick gave me ideas for workouts and tips on different techniques. I don’t think I could ask for any better advice then that of a former professional triathlete. The run was my huge struggle. When I started, I could not run a mile without stopping. I kept working my way up in mileage and speed. Patrick taught me to keep my run cadence high just like you do on the bike—around 90 rpm. I counted each time my left leg foot struck the ground. (The ideal number is 22 times per 15 seconds.) The first day I did this I was around 20 strikes, or 80 rpm. I set up an alert on my Garmin for every 15 seconds so I would remember to count. The vibrating and beeping from the alarm only lasted one run, but I think it gave me a good idea of where my cadence needed to be. [caption id="attachment_2164" align="alignright" width="225"]Kyer's swim training Patrick gave Kyer and the rest of the team lots of open water swim advice[/caption] The last month of training I started doing two-a-day workouts or a brick workout once or twice a week. We also started swimming as a group at the Saylorville beach during lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays. In the last few weeks before the race I started mixing some speed work into my workouts. I quit biking and focused on running. I had to know that I would be able to finish the run portion of the race. I actually only ran one 5K before the race. Many times I ran the distance but mixed in some walking. The week before the race I still worked out four days. I swam and ran each of those days, mainly focusing on speed. My thought was if I stay consistent in these activities they’ll feel better. I biked one time this week, too. This was my first bike in two weeks and did not feel so great, but it was what it was at this point. I guess I was ready now.

Cyman Triathlon Race Day

The day before the race everyone was worried that it was going to get canceled due to severe weather. We had not received rain in Iowa in about two months, but finally the forecast was predicting thunderstorms all day. We all kept our fingers crossed and the rain went a little bit south of Bondurant. My goal for the race was to just finish. I thought I knew what my body would be able to handle so I set my goal on the swim at 12 minutes. I set my average speed on the bike at 18 mph. I knew the run was going to be rough so the main goal was to not walk, but my thought on time was 35 minutes.  For overall time I just wanted to make sure I was done in less than 2 hours. I think I probably should have done the math a little better on this, but it seemed reasonable. We showed up at the race about an hour and a half early. David and I rode together. We figured out how to set up our transition, got our body markings done, got our chips, and attended our first pre-race meeting. It was now finally go time. Kyer Robinson's CyMan Triathlon Number The swim start was a shallow water start. I decided to start at the far end of the field so I could stay out of the way. The horn finally sounded and the race was off. I think my nerves went away instantly. The swim course was basically a triangle, so my thought was to progressively get faster on each leg. I realized really quickly that I should have been more confident in my swim and a little more aggressive right away. I got stuck in the middle of the pack and was trying to swim over people. The first leg of the triangle I felt like I was going to drown because every time I took a breath I got a mouth full of water. After we made the turn I was able to get out on my own somewhat, and the rest of the swim felt pretty good. I tried not to overdo it on the last leg but still needed to use some speed. The run up to transition had my heart rate pegged. I finished the swim in just under eight minutes, which I was pretty happy with. [caption id="attachment_2157" align="alignright" width="300"]Kyer beats Bret out of transition at the CyMan Triathlon Kyer beats Bret out of transition[/caption] My transition onto the bike went pretty well, but could have been much faster. I was still trying to recover from the swim—after all my goal was to just finish the race. I ran out onto the bike course, mounted my bike, and after swerving all over the road finally clipped into my pedals. I think I was still a little delirious from the swim. However, it did not take me long to get into my groove on the bike. The bike course was a loop and pretty windy. I knew the first half had a tailwind so I tried to keep my speed up. As soon as we turned into the wind I could start to feel the pain. At about mile 8 I saw bikes heading back to Bondurant. The second place bike was Patrick and I could tell he was closing in on the first guy. It was humbling for me to know that I started at the same time and they were almost done while I was just over half way. As I came back into transition my dismount and everything went as well as I would hope. I heard the announcer announcing the first finisher: Patrick Davis at just under an hour. I couldn’t believe he was done, and I still had to go out on the run course. I laced up the shoes, threw on my race number belt, and off I went. [caption id="attachment_2155" align="alignright" width="225"]Kyle and Bret cheer Kyer on at the finish of the CyMan Triathlon Kyle and Bret cheer Kyer on at the finish[/caption] I made it about a half mile before my side cramped up. I walked for about a minute so it would go away, and then I was back at it. I basically just struggled my way through the rest of the run and got passed by what felt like everyone. I was able to run each mile faster then the last one so I was very happy with that. I think I also set a PR on my second 5K ever: just over 32 minutes. I finished the race in 1:33.37. I am happy with this time since I had nothing to compare it to. I am very thankful for all of the people who came out and cheered me on. It was a really fun day and I will definitely consider doing it again, especially if I can keep running. The next race I do I would like to get my run time at least five minutes faster. Maybe next year we will try to get even more people from the shop to participate in one of the local triathlons.
Race results can be found on You can read everyone else's race reports on our blog.
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Great job! WAY faster than my first tri!!
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Way to go Kyer! You did an excellent job considering the crazy summer you've had.
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Nice work and Atta boy!
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