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Dallas ITU Pan American Cup: Tanelle's Race Report

by Pro Triathlete Tanelle

Tanelle Berard runs in the Dallas ITU Pan American CupComing into this weekend, I was so ready to race! After Kansas, I was super motivated to improve and get back into shape. This came about with some very solid workouts (even in the week of the race). Because I had been putting in a lot of hard work, I was unfortunately not rested for the race, and it definitely showed in the run this past weekend. Overall, I am very happy with where I am progressing for this part of the season, and I am content with my 4th place finish in the Dallas ITU Pan American Cup.

Now onto the race: I was very pleased with my swim compared to my previous races this year. I dove into the water and sprinted as hard as I could to get up to the front. Unfortunately, about 50 meters in, my shoulder was snatched by another swimmer, and all my forward momentum went to a halt. So, naturally, I was slightly swallowed up by a group of swimmers (that I eventually went around to bridge up to the front pack). In this race, I was able to recover from losing my rhythm for several strokes. At a bigger race, I will probably not be so lucky to be able to bridge to a stronger pack.

Coming into transition, I was near the end of a pack of 10ish. I sprinted my way through the maze, and ended up 3rd out of transition. (Results show I had the fasted T1!) My fast transition allowed me to quickly bridge to the two riders ahead of me and begin my bike fairly relaxed. And that was the motto for the whole bike: nice and relaxed. The group as a whole didn’t have any incentive to go any faster or slower because the group behind us wasn’t gaining on us and we were at the front of the race. I considered breaking from the pack, but my legs were already feeling unusually tired.  I also knew that the wind and strong group of riders would make a break nearly impossible to keep.

Coming into T2, I came off the bike near the front of the pack (to avoid any unneeded collisions). I had an amazing transition once again, and came out in the front of the group (fastest transition time once again). I started out onto the run and felt very strong! I was at a very comfortable pace, and I knew I could hold that pace for the whole 10k. Sadly, that was not the case. 800 in, I was passed by the eventual winner of the race, and it all went downhill from there. I just didn’t feel like my normal self on the run. My legs got heavy, my tempo slowed, I wasn’t using a forward lean, and I found myself gasping for air making it hard to breath. This caught up with me more and more through the run, and I just kept getting slower.

I ended up behind two Americans at the finish line. I was pretty bummed at that result, but in the end, I am still proud of where I am at this point of the season. I know that I am a stronger runner than I showed on that particular day, and I am so excited to prove myself at my next race.

Thanks again to all my generous supporters! Special shout out to the newest part of my team: Dr. Jon Roed at Des Moines Spine and Sport!

Next up: Edmonton ITU World Cup

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