Dawn to Dusk Releases New Gravel and Mountain Bike Products

Dawn to Dusk makes water bottles with optional dirt covers

Dawn to Dusk announces gravel and mountain biking productsIf you are fed up with losing bottles on your gravel and mountain bike rides, you will be happy to learn that there is a new line of bottle cages from Dawn to Dusk. These cages are engineered to grip your bottles and prevent them from being ejected, and designed to make bottle insertion and retrieval easy. The entire product line from Dawn to Dusk was created to stand up to the rigors of gravel and mountain bike riding.

Dawn to Dusk is a new company built on the experience of XLAB, maker of hydration and storage solutions for triathletes. Recognizing that the needs of gravel cyclists were both similar and different, they have brought their technology, innovation, and expertise to this market. Their goal is to be "the most comprehensive off-road hydration, nutrition, and repair storage solution on the market, letting athletes explore longer, from Dawn to Dusk."

Bottle Cages

Dawn to Dusk Kaptive bottle cages provide the ultimate in holdThe thing that excites us the most is their bottle cages. The Kaptive is a tough carbon fiber cage for the toughest conditions. The Sideburn has side access allowing you to mount bottles in the smaller space available on full-suspension mountain bikes.

The Kaptive is available in three grip strengths—the number of pounds of retention force it has on your bottle. The Kaptive 14 has 4.7” tall sides with six 1/2” wide gripping arms, a thick solid carbon shelf to handle heavy bottles, and a carbon hook which projects into the bottle groove. It is a straight pull cage with funnel-edged sides. The Kaptive 10 has the same dimensions, but requires less force to pull the bottle. Good enough for rock gardens, but not recommend for mounting under the down tube. The Kaptive 8's six 1/2” wide gripping arms are angled down for a semi-side pull access. The arms, thick bottom shelf, and top hook work together to reliably hold your bottle. Dawn to Dusk Sideburn cages offer side pull for small frames

The Sideburn has two grip strengths, and both come in left and right versions. The Sideburn 8 is a tough carbon cage with a strong bottom shelf and 5 mm carbon hook. Plus, it has a deep cutaway allowing easy side access. The Sideburn 6 is a nylon composite cage with a larger cutaway for even easier side access. The larger bottom shelf and deeper top hook still hold your bottle securely.

Bear Hug

Dawn to Dusk Bear Hug lets you add a bottle cage almost anywhere on your frameHave you ever wished your gravel or mountain bike had more bottle mounting locations? Now, with the Bear Hug, it can.

Dawn to Dusk knows you don't want any scratches to your frame and you want the bottle to stay exactly where you put it—no slipping when you pull it out or try to return it. The "Grizzly Grip" straps are soft and no-slip. Additionally they wrap securely around almost any shape and size tube.

Mount an extra bottle on your top tube, make use of the space under your down tube (best when paired with the Kaptive 14), or find the spot that works best for you.

Bottles and Mud Covers

Dawn to Dusk makes water bottles with optional dirt coversThe Ice Flow has insulating material and a highly reflective surface to keep your drink cooler longer. The Aqua Flow has translucent sides and calibration markings so that you can see how much you are drinking.

Both the Aqua Flow and Ice Flow have fast flow valves that open when you squeeze, and automatically close when you stop. The deep groove improves bottle retention in cages (like Dusk to Dawn's) that employ a top hook. This groove is completely missing in some brands of insulated bottles.

Have you ever ridden a muddy minimum maintenance road or mountain biked through multiple creek crossings? Did you really want to drink from that bottle afterward? The Dirt Mask guards your entire bottle cap from dirt, dust, and mud, and it locks open so you can drink without it hitting you in the face.


The Dawn to Dusk Multi Lite 19 is a lightweight folding multi-toolGravel and mountain biking come with an element of self-sufficiency. To help keep you riding, Dawn to Dusk has essential tools designed to fit in your limited storage space.

The Multi Lite 19 is a lightweight multi-tool with hex wrenches, Torx wrenches, screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, a chain tool and chain hook, and a presta valve core remover.

The Dawn to Dusk Socket Lever Set has a durable ratchet headThe Socket Lever Set is a tire lever and a socket wrench. It comes with three double-headed bits (four hex, a T25, and a Phillips) and a durable ratchet with a max-torque of 4.0 Nm.

Explore Longer with Dawn to Dusk

Each of Dawn to Dusk's products are designed to help you as you explore endless miles of gravel roads or adventure deep into the wild on singletrack trails.

If you've tried any of these items, please leave a review on the product pages!

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