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DiscoutTriSupply.com Core Values Meeting

by Patrick Davis

Core Values MeetingEarlier this year, the DiscountTriSupply.com team members got together for a meeting. For such a small company, it was shocking to see that some people still had not met. There are five full-time and four part-time employees so one would think we would have a close relationship. It was really good to sit down and have everyone introduce themselves and learn about the roles of the other team members. Blog posts on a few members are up and others are in the works. Check them out if you have not done so yet!

Planning for this meeting started when Kyer and I realized something was missing from our daily routine. This may seem like a no brainer, but our main goals and purpose as a company were not clear to everyone and most importantly our customers. It seemed fitting that a get-together and discussion about the team’s strengths and weaknesses would be very beneficial. After a little driveway basketball and pizza we dove into the good stuff.

Getting the Meeting Going

Meeting sticky notes

Kyer first talked about achievements from the previous year. This included number increases over last year, accomplishments throughout the year, and new things in the works. Major projects from 2012 included streamlining our shipping processes, moving our inventory system to the cloud, and combining the website (DiscountTriSupply.com) and storefront (Kyle’s Bikes). These are all huge milestones that will help continue growing the company. We then did a quick jumping exercise putting sticky notes all over Kyer’s wall. It was meant to show that the goals initially set by someone can usually be surpassed with a little more effort or determination. The notes were then collected and used to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

I was up next talking about companies we look up to. I started with the quote, “You cannot change your life until you change something you do everyday.” With a young company that should embrace change, it is good to always be changing and adapting to new scenarios. The first company we look up to is Zappos. They have a very clear values system and work by great rules such as these: be humble, do more with less, and create fun and a little weirdness. The second organization was Dave Ramsey. Here are examples of what they live by: no gossip, take responsibility for your tasks and objectives, and share the wealth.

DiscountTriSupply.com Core Values

Once the ideas started flowing we soon had a few pieces of cardboard with all kinds of ideas from everyone. All sorts of ideas were put up but it seemed like a lot of them were able to be combined. After narrowing it down, these became the top 10 DiscountTriSupply. core values.

Own it: Be responsible for your work and be proud of it!

Love what you do: Be passionate about your accomplishments and tasks.

Dream big: Never be afraid to reach for new goals or to try something new.

Teamwork: It takes a team to accomplish great things. Support each team member and we will go far.

Open communication: Be open about everything. Gossip is a virus.

Have fun: Life is good, so enjoy every minute of it.

Stay nimble: Complacency is deadly in business. Change is key for success over time.

Customers and employees are family.

Treat others like you want to be treated.

Humility: We are here to serve each other and our customers.

These are guidelines each team member lives and works by. We show up every day as service people to our customers. It was not difficult or a stretch for these to come to mind because it is how our day-to-day business is conducted. If an order goes out late, we own it and make it up to the customer. Each person is treated like family whether they are a customer or a team member. We also have fun and play bags or basketball at Kyer’s house. When a huge chunk of our time is spent working here, it should be a great experience!

Looking to the Future

The final task on the agenda was future planning. The future is unknown, but it is good to plan on having the brightest one possible. Our main goal is to be industry leaders in customer service. Our handling time and shipping services are unmatched. The return policies can’t get any better, and if someone calls there is a good chance the man in charge is on the other end of the phone. Something we need to work on is updating the products more quickly and making sure we are on top of new items in the market. As a team we also need to plan time more efficiently so tasks do not overlap.

DiscountTriSupply.com Core ValuesThe meeting was beneficial, just as we hoped. With cardboard and markers and with passion and dedication we have outlined our core values. Now we are being sure to live them daily.


The website and retail store have now been more apparently combined: DiscountTriSupply.com is now KylesBikes.com. Our deepest core value is still "Customers and employees are family."

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