Employee Profile: Jim Riley

Employee Profile: Jim Riley
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Jim Riley has been working part-time in our Ankeny Kyle's Bikes location, answering questions and selling bikes, for four years. As we began planning the opening of our second store in Waukee, Kyle needed an Assistant Team Leader. Because Kyle worked for Jim when they were both at UPS, he knew Jim's character and work ethic. And in the last few years he's seen that Jim likes to help riders both experienced and beginner alike. We want you to get to know Jim a little better. You can visit him on the weekends now in Ankeny, but when Waukee opens, you can see him nearly any day.


Des Moines

Educational Background

Bachelors in Business

Current Position

Beginning in 2019, Waukee Store Assistant Team Leader For the last four years, Bicycle Sales.


Cycling, Snow Skiing, Scuba Diving

What do you like best about working at Kyle's Bikes?

Helping people achieve their goals. Once, there was a young lady who was 72 and wanted to go faster on her bike. She had some challenges to meet that goal. Ultimately, we found the perfect bike, color, and size for her. She became a friend, had fun riding, and is a loyal customer. My strategy for working with clients is to first listen to their concerns and dreams. And then I provide feedback along with suggestions about how to achieve the picture that is in their head. This is fun—the closer you get to that picture, the happier people become.

What are you looking forward to with the new store?

Reaching more people in a underserved bicycle service area.

Are you looking forward to working with Hammer?

I am looking forward to working with Dave Hammer because he is such a nice, knowledgeable person. Hammer and I have ridden together for close to twenty years without really knowing each other. This is the cool part of a group ride. We rode in the same group at Kyle's former employer Irwin's Bikes. I was able to observe Hammer ride and learn he is a strong rider with good bike handling skills. Even though we didn’t really speak to each other very much during the rides, I was able to respect and learn who he was because we rode in the same group.

Do you consider yourself a triathlete, a cyclist, a runner, a swimmer…?

Cyclist, waiting for the snow.

What got you interested in racing?

My older sisters were athletes, one was a sprinter, and I wanted to do something fun and compete. In my teenage years I raced duathlons and criterium. During my mid-twenties and thirties I raced criterium, road, and mountain bikes. I don’t race currently but I enjoy the challenge of a good training ride. Jim rides with the Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night Ride

What’s your favorite type of riding?

Road bikes, on group rides. Group rides are  a great way to meet other people to ride with. The great thing is, you are not the fastest person there and you are not the slowest person there. It is a nice way to learn how to handle your bike, trail etiquette, and riding in a group setting. Group rides are also fun because you can challenge yourself against other riders in a safe and respectable environment. For me, it is a great way to measure my fitness throughout the season. Sometimes you're the hammer, and sometimes you're the nail.

Have you done any running?

I've done the Living History Farms cross country race a few times, the Drake 10k a few times, and the YMCA Red Flannel run numerous times.

What do you like about swimming?

It is a clean impact free exercise, and it gets you in shape, fast. Very fluid.

Other than biking, what's your favorite sport?

Snow skiing is another passion of mine. It is amazing how riding a bike prepares you for skiing in snow. There are a lot of similar muscles that are used riding and skiing. I used to live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I moved there to ski and ride my bike in the mountains. Arapaho Basin is probably my favorite area to ski.

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