Employee Profile: Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis at Discount Tri Supply

Patrick Davis has been a part of Discount Tri Supply since nearly the very beginning. While training to become a professional triathlete he came aboard and really helped to refine and implement the company vision.

Patrick Davis at Discount Tri Supply

Patrick has worked at Discount Tri Supply since May 2010. The website was launched that August.


Cedar Falls, Iowa

Educational Background

Iowa State Bachelor of Architecture, May 2012

Current Position

Overseer of Online Operations

How did you get into triathlon?

I ran cross country, swam, and played soccer in high school so I was already really active. Endurance sports just fed the need to be competitive and basically self indulge. You could say I was "bored" in college and needed something to do. There was a guy living on my dorm floor who had a road bike and talked about doing Hy-Vee in 2007. In my mind, I was like "dude I could crush you and I have never been on a road bike in my life." I picked up a road bike from a pawn shop and started riding. The race came around and I was hooked. I started with three races that year. 2008 and 2009 were good building years with eight to ten races each year. In 2010 I was honorable mention USAT Triathlete of the Year and won Ironman 70.3 Steelhead, Miami International Triathlon, and Life Time Tri Minneapolis.

What was your pro career like?

I applied for my elite license in 2011 and made that year a draft-legal, ITU format focus. My coach and I decided it would be good to race a lot and keep gaining experience, as opposed to doing long builds for a few "A" races. My whole life was all triathlon all the time, while still in school and working part time. At this point, I thought I could do it all and did not have much balance. There were some small successes in 2011, but nothing that stood out. 2012 was very full with life, school, work, and aspirations of racing at a higher level. I never really sat down and figured out a plan of where I needed to progress as an athlete. This would have helped a lot. My 2012 results were decent by my standards, but I could have done a lot of things differently. If racing at a higher level is what I really wanted to do, then I needed to be all-in. This was not the case. Areas of improvement needed to be nutrition, training focus, strength, stretching, etc. I was just doing the training and trying to get by.  That only takes you so far. Rev3 Wisconsin Dells 2012 was my last race. I remember coming in the last few miles and knowing in my head I would not be racing anymore. At that point I had not talked with anyone about it, not even my coach. It was inwardly emotional because I had worked so hard for so long to finally have it come to to a close for reasons I could not fully understand at the time. I knew there was no future in it other than it be a hobby.

What do you do with your time, now that you aren’t doing triathlons?

Trail running. I love being lost in the woods and off anything man-made. Makes me feel like the guy from Born to Run. I enjoy biking anywhere with good scenery.  Mountains are great. My hobbies include kayaking, rock climbing, and reading. I coach the Little ZiPRZ Triathlon team. They are the youngest of the Z3 age groups with race ages six to nine years old. This year there are 18 ZiPRZ, and I love them. It makes my Mondays enjoyable to interact with the little kids and helps give me more perspective in life. Having to explain flying mounts to a six year old is much more difficult than to an adult!

If you could have any bike in the store, which one would it be?

My cheap Crux.  Works for everything and I don't have to worry about it too much.

What's some of your favorite gear?

Garmin Forerunner 10. It is simple and effective. Brooks Pureflow shoes. Once I put them on I was a believer. I like the 4 mm drop and wide toe box.

What do you like best about working at Discount Tri Supply?

Constant excitement with things I enjoy working around.

What’s your passion?

I feel passionate about bringing active people together and encouraging them to set goals for themselves and work towards them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Cultivating the Des Moines (Iowa) run culture.  

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In addition to knowing about nearly every product out there (which makes him a great resource), he "politely comments on our lunch and snack choices and offers helpful suggestions for healthier alternatives." ;-) He is a great guy to work with.
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