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If you live in central Iowa, we hope you stop by our shop: Kyle’s Bikes. If you have stopped by, you are sure to have seen Wade. This month we’re going to to take a closer look at him. 

Wade at Kyle’s Bikes

Wade has worked at the shop since March of 2012.


West Des Moines, Iowa

Educational Background

BA from the University of Iowa in History and Political Science Masters in History of Science and Technology from Iowa State University.

Current Position

Sales Manager, Head Merchandiser, and Assistant Kyle Herder

How long have you been working in the cycling field?

I dunno, something like 12 years now!?!? This is the fourth bike shop I have worked at.

What do you like best about working at Kyle's Bikes?

My co-workers and working around bicycles!

What got you interested in cycling?

For me cycling is about escaping from life for awhile and being self-sufficient.

What’s your favorite type of riding?

Fast touring riding. In French, the style of riding is called brevet.

Do you ever race?

I race for fun and to challenge myself. Mostly cyclocross racing but I occasionally race road or gravel.

Have you ever done a triathlon?

I did 1/3 of the Hy-Vee Triathlon in 2012 as a member of a relay team. I biked the 26 mile course in 1:16!  :)

If you could have any bike in the store, which one would it be?

This year it would be the Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert. This is the bike I’m currently demoing.

What's some of your favorite gear?

I really like the Garmin Edge 500 GPS bike computer. It’s fun to see where I have ridden, compare stats, and share them with other riders.

You got to go to Interbike in September (2013). What was that like?

This was my third time attending Interbike, but it was the first time I attended a Dirt Demo day that took place not in Boulder City. At Dirt Demo, attendees can try out road, mountain, cargo, and even e-bikes. Since it was 100 degrees with 30 mph winds that day, I choose to just kick the tires on bikes and talk with the various companies. This year was definitely the year of the fat bike. A lot of companies are coming out with fat bikes, carbon fat bike frames, carbon fat bike rims and wheels, and different car racks to carry fat bikes. Some manufacturers were claiming that their carbon fat bikes weighed 21 pounds complete!

Read Wade's cyclocross race report.


Sunday, August 16, 2015, Wade Franck was struck by a car while he was riding his bike. He died two days later. That Wednesday, everyone wanted to come to our weekly shop ride to show support for Wade. Because of the traffic near our store, we asked that people organize smaller rides on their favorite routes. We asked that they post pictures tagged #RideForWade so we could ride together virtually. Over 60 rode from here at Kyle's Bikes. Over 70 rode from Rasmussen's Bike Shop. Groups rode from Beaverdale Bikes, from All Ability Cycles, from Skunk River Cycles, and more. We are all one big family. Cycling clubs, triathlon clubs, and RAGBRAI teams rode. Families rode with their children. Friends rode together. And many chose to ride in solitude. We looked at the photos, and we read the stories:

  • Wade sold me this bike.
  • Wade helped me select these bags.
  • Wade smiled at me whenever I came in the shop.
  • Wade taught me how to change a flat tire.
  • Wade inspired me to get back into cycling.

RideForWade The next Wednesday, August 26th, the Wade Frank Memorial Ride was held. We asked everyone to choose what distance they wanted to ride and to all arrive at the High Trestle Trail Bridge for an aerial photograph. Hundreds turned out to share their love for Wade and for one of Wade's passions: cycling. The sight of all of us, many in green #‎RideForWade t-shirts, against the unique architecture of the bridge is awe inspiring. It was an emotional gathering. Sad, in part. But also celebratory, profound, angry, and joyful.

#RideForWade You can find photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram tagged with #RideForWade and/or #RideWithWade. We love seeing them. Links


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