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Six Biking Pro Tips for Long Rides

Kyle gave Elias Johnson five biking pro tipsKyle and staff have been helping riders get ready for RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) and other long rides since we opened in 2008, offering a biking pro tip or two.

So, when Local 5's Elias Johnson was getting ready for this year's RAGBRAI, he visited Kyle and produced a video series of these tips to help his viewers get ready for the ride.

We have gathered the tips here to help you see them all.

Biking Pro Tip #1: The Fitting

Biking Pro Tip #1Because biking is a repetitive sport, even a minor misalignment can become a large problem as the miles add up.

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We have additional content about bike fitting on our blog.

Biking Pro Tip #2: Apparel

Biking Pro Tip #2There are reasons cycling apparel looks the way it does. It's designed to prevent chafing and to help you stay cooler.

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We have cycling apparel on-line as well as in our retail store.

Biking Pro Tip #3: Footwear

Biking Pro Tip #3Cycling shoes have many benefits, including proper foot placement and stiff soles to transfer your work to the pedals. There are a variety of styles to choose from, from recreational to pro racer.

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We have additional content about cycling shoes and pedals on our blog.

Biking Pro Tip #4: The Essentials

Biking Pro Tip #4At some point, everyone is going to get a flat tire. Whether you fix it yourself, or find someone to help you, having the right parts and tools is essential.

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We have a selection of bags, CO2 cartridges, inflators, tire levers & patch kits, and tubes both in our store and on-line.

Biking Pro Tip #5: Fixing a Flat

When you get that inevitable flat tire, it's good to know how to fix it yourself.

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Biking Pro Tip #6

Biking Pro Tip #6Riding in a group of riders requires extra attention to safety. First, wear a helmet. And be sure to communicate, communicate, communicate. Use both hand signals and call out to those around you.

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We have plenty of helmets on-line and in our store for you to choose from.

Keep up with Elias Johson's adventures during RAGBRAI 2018 by following @ejonhsonNEWS on Twitter.

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