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  • Specialized Bicycle Component University: Robert Goes to School

    by Robert Seaberg

    Specialized Bicycle Component University: Robert Goes to SchoolWhenever anyone has asked me why Specialized is better than other brands I quickly pointed out that Specialized puts a lot of emphasis on the rider. With trademarked terms like “Rider-First Engineered” and “Body Geometry,” Specialized has made it clear that they have not overlooked the most important part of every bike: the rider. On a recent trip to Specialized headquarters, I was able to attend a class at their Specialized Bicycle Component University. There I witnessed first hand the latest data-driven techniques that they have developed to make the bike fit the rider.
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  • Why Are They Called Clipless Pedals?

    Let's get this question out of the way. So, if the cleat on the shoe clips into the pedal, why are they called clipless pedals? Simply put, the action of locking the shoe to the pedal is not where clipless pedals get their name.

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  • It's Easy to Clean Your Bike Chain

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    It's easy to clean your bike chain with a chain cleaning toolA clean and lubricated bike chain won't make any noise. If your chain is squeaking or sounding gritty, that means you are both wasting energy and wearing out your chain. Since it's easy to clean your bike chain (and kinda fun, too), just find a few minutes and get it done!

    We'll tell what you need and describe how to do it. Then, you may be surprised how much easier it is to ride your bike!

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  • Specialized Therminal Tights and Defroster Boots

    Specialized Therminal Tights and Defroster Boots work together to keep you warmSpecialized Therminal Tights have stirrups on the back of the bottom hems. What am I supposed to do with those?

    Do they go in my shoes, over my shoes, under my socks? Why do the tights look like bell bottoms? My old Specialized tights weren't so odd. What's up?

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  • Is Your Bike Ready for Triathlon?

    Is your bike ready for triathlon?In your training, you've perfected your swim stroke, improved your watts, and steadily increased your run miles. Now you are ready for the big day. But, is your bike ready for triathlon?

    The bike leg has the most equipment, and therefore, the most opportunity for something unexpected to go wrong.  With a bit of regular maintenance and attention to detail, your bike can be as ready as you are.

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  • 21st Century Shoes

    by Bill “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz

    21st Century ShoesIn the ten or so years I’ve been in the running shoe business, I’ve seen trends come and go, shoe technology evolve, and inevitably, prices go up. Trends will continue and new ones will emerge, technology will evolve, and prices will continue to rise. Some of these changes are significant improvements and give us "21st century shoes."

    Many people resist change: I frequently hear the lament “Why did they have to change my favorite shoe?” That’s just the nature of a competitive industry. Like the highly competitive auto and electronics industries, innovation and evolution drive the shoe brands to continually look for ways to improve their offerings. Each brand keeps a keen eye on the competition and the trends that seem to be catching on with the running public.

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