Ironman Wisconsin 2014: Tami's Report

Tami Ritchie at Ironman Wisconsin
Tami Ritchie at Ironman Wisconsinby Pro Triathlete Tami Ritchie Ironman Wisconsin 2.4 mile Swim, 112 mile Bike, 26.2 mile Run Madison, Wisconsin September 7, 2014 Ironman Wisconsin started out well. Conditions were about as good as they can be on a Midwest September day. No rain in the forecast, and temps were warm enough but not too hot. For me, the swim went well. I found my swim groove again just in time for this race. I started on the outside of the pack of pros nearer to the beach, until I could settle in and then move closer to other swimmers and really start racing. A bunch of people sprinted off the start line, but I just kept to the outside, doing my thing. By about 500 yards, I had passed half of them. It took me until the first turn at 1000 yards to drop all the swimmers I would drop, and I caught a pack of men at 1300 yards. Then I simply stuck with that pack till the finish. I was first woman out of the water in 0:52 and change, and very little effort spent.

Tami Ritchie on the bike at Ironman WisconsinThe bike course is a very beautiful, but quite technical, course. In hindsight, I still need a lot more practice on hills and technical things (not just riding outside… but specific work). Other than that, I cannot really explain what went wrong on the bike. I felt good. My watts were good. The weather was good. My times were slow. It didn’t, and still doesn’t, make sense. Not just a few minutes off, but 25–30 minutes off. Based off predictions, calculations, and even comparing numbers to others on the same course the same day. It’s as if my brake was stuck in the brake position as I rode (although I could have sworn I did check my bakes in the morning!). My coach and I are still trying to figure it out, so I have no meaningful educated guess at this time.

I do know I did not get enough calories or water on the bike. I was so afraid of what happened in Texas, that I went to the other extreme and under-consumed. Though I think this only affected me after mile 80 on the bike, when the water I just picked up launched on some railroad track and set my nutrition and hydration off for the remainder of the bike, it greatly impacted my run. The crowds on the hills there are AWESOME!!! At times it felt like the Tour de France, riding up a hill lined thick with people on each side all screaming as you ride by at 8 mph. Tami Ritchie runs it in in Ironman WisconsinMy run was ugly. Without that food and drink at the end of the bike, I started out bad, and things just got worse. However, again, the people on the course are just awesome. I am so sad that this race is not on the pro circuit next year. Thanks to Kyle’s Bikes and Discount Tri Supply for setting me up with all the gear one needs for such an adventure, to Zoom Performance, to Krueger Chiropractic, and of course to Chris and my parents.
Full results from Ironman Wisconsin can be found on Photo credits: Tami removing wetsuit by Tim Runyan, all others by Brayden Girdler.  
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