Kyle's Bikes 2019 Cyclist Gift Guide

Here at Kyle's Bikes we know bikes and we know cyclists. Our 2019 Cyclist Gift Guide should help you find just the right gifts for all the cyclists on your list this holiday season. If you have have any questions, call or stop by, tell us about the kind of riding your cyclist does, and we'll help you find the perfect gift!

Specialized Kids Bikes

Imagine the joy on your child or grandchild's face when finding a brand new bicycle under the tree. Now, make it a reality with a quality Specialized Kids Bike.

The Riprock Coaster is a singlespeed bike that offers traction, control, confidence, and fun and encourages your child to get out on the trails or hop curbs in front of your home.

For a young child, scooting around on a balance bike like the Hotwalk gives a child a feel for balance without needing to worry about the particulars of pedaling a braking. This gives them a head start on riding a pedal bike.

You can come into our store or order select models on-line for delivery anywhere in the U.S.

Price: $175.00–269.99

Specialized Riprock Coaster Kids Bike:  Buy Now

Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike:  Buy Now

Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor

Tell your cyclist you love them by helping protect them if they need help. The ANGi sensor pairs with the Specialized Ride App for iOS or Android devices. If it detects a crash, it begins a countdown that can be cancelled, and then alerts select contacts with GPS coordinates.

Check your cyclist's helmet for an ANGi ready spot. Newer model Specialized helmets will have a wide flat spot built into the the hairport/ratchet system on the back of the helmet. All you need is to buy the sensor.

The Universal ANGi adapter attaches to most helmets (regardless of brand) to provide a smooth spot to place the ANGi Crash Sensor. If your cyclist has a non-ANGi-ready Specialized helmet, give us a call and we can check if that helmet has a model specific adapter.

Price: $50.00

Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor:  Buy Now

Specialized Helmets with ANGi Built-In:  Shop Now

Burley Encore Kids Bike Trailer/Stroller

What is the best gift you can get for the cyclist or runner on your list who is also a parent? Probably free babysitting. But second best would be the Burley Encore Kids Bike Trailer/Stroller.

Take the young one(s) along on rides and runs. It fits two children or one child with a bit of extra elbow room. We love the way Burley balances function and price in the Encore, and love how easy it is to convert from a trailer to a stroller and back again.

Simply attach the Burley Jogger Kit to convert the Encore from a bike trailer to a jogging stroller. If you are looking for a more compact stroller for walking in tight places, use the 2-Wheel Stroller Kit instead. (Both kits are sold separately. The Encore comes with everything needed for use as a bike trailer and as a basic stroller.)

We carry many trailers for kids, pets, and cargo so that you can choose the one that meets your needs. Price: $549.99

Burley Encore Kids Bike Trailer/Stroller:  Buy Now

Burley Encore Accessories:  Shop Now

Additional Trailers and Strollers:  Shop Now

Kyle's Bikes Service Package

Bikes need regular maintenanceAre you unsure what the cyclist on your list needs? You might not know what component upgrades they are looking at. You may not know what size clothes they need. But you can be certain that their bike needs regular service.

Having a bike thoroughly cleaned, lubed, and adjusted makes it perform better and last longer. That's why we offer "Annual Service and Cleaning Package" and "New Bike Feel Package."

Right now, both these packages are on sale for bikes dropped off on or before February 3rd.

The two links below will help you select the most appropriate package. Then stop into either our Ankeny or Waukee location to pick up a gift card.

Price: $100.00–$325.00

Kyle's Bikes Repair Services Menu:  Read Now

Kyle's Bikes 2019-20 Winter Bike Maintenance Specials:  Read Now

Bike Rack

Sometimes you need to drive your bike somewhere to get in a good ride. Hitch racks are a popular and easy solution.

The Küat NV Base 2.0 has adjustable front tire cradles. This is a huge help when part of one bike is trying to occupy the same space as part of the other bike. The user can lower the front wheel of one—or both—bikes to change how they line up. If carrying two bikes is not enough, there is an Add-On available that adds spots for two more bikes.

The Küat Transfer is a more affordable option. And it is great for carrying fat bikes. The Transfer comes in versions for one, two, or three bikes.

If you have a cyclist on your gift list that needs to drive to get to a safe place to ride or likes to take their bike on vacation, get them a bike rack.

Price: $249.00–599.00

Küat Transfer Bike Rack:  Buy Now

Küat NV Base 2.0 Bike Rack:  Buy Now

Additional Bike Racks:  Shop Now

Fist Handwear Full Finger Gloves

Gloves from Fist Handwear are a fun giftGloves protect a cyclist's hands in case of a fall, and they improve grip on the handlebar (which can prevent a fall). For cyclists who like long-finger gloves, we recommend the fun designs available from Fist Handwear.

Long-finger gloves are great in the transition seasons (like spring and autumn) and are useful year-round for BMX, urban, and mountain bike riders.

Price: $34.95

Fist Handwear full finger gloves:  Buy Now

New Specialized RBX Shorts

Specialized RBX Shorts have a new contoured chamoisSpecialized has created awesome new contoured chamois for their RBX shorts and bibshorts. And we think it is great.

This chamois is designed to take the shape of the bikes saddle and, therefore, have fewer pinchy points. This means more comfort on long rides. Also, on both the men's and women's versions, a thin layer of chamois material extends forward and up as a vanity panel.

The SWAT version of these shorts and bibshorts is our favorite. They provide pockets for stashing gels or other small bits of kit.

Check your cyclist's closet for their size and to see if they prefer shorts or bibshorts!

Price: $59.99–119.99

Specialized RBX Shorts and Bibshorts:  Buy Now


Help your cyclist stay safe with a taillightTaillights are an important safety item for cyclists. A solid light at night helps your cyclist be seen. And using a blinking light during both day and night helps to get the attention of drivers.

We like the mounting system of the Specialized Stix lights, and the USB plug is built in so you don't have to worry about losing the charging cord. Specialized makes mounts for every part of the bike, and they are all easy to install or remove with stretchy band. If you have a runner on your gift list, take a look at the fabric clip mount and arm/leg band mount!

The Serfas Thunder Blast AWS Taillight has a unique audio prompt that lets the rider know the battery is getting low. This way your rider doesn't get home and discover the light went out somewhere along the way. Stretchy bands make for easy installation and removal almost anywhere on the bike.

For an inexpensive light, you cannot beat the Serfas Seat Stay Taillight. Installation/removal works just like the Thunder Blast. The light as several flashing and solid modes and runs on replaceable coin cell batteries.

Price: $19.95–49.95

Specialized Stix:  Buy Now

Serfas Thunder Blast AWS Taillight:  Buy Now

Serfas Seat Stay Taillight:  Buy Now

45NTH Cold Weather Gloves

Give the gift of warm hands with 45NRTH glovesCold hands, warm heart? No, we recommend you warm your cyclist's hands and heart with a pair of 45NRTH winter cycling gloves.

The Risør is a merino wool glove liner that can be warn on its own. As a standalone glove, it is good in temps 45+. As a liner, it helps other gloves keep hands warmer in even extreme cold.

The Nøkken is perfect for the transitional season, keeping hands warm in temps of 25° to 45°F. The water- and wind-resistant softshell provides protection without overheating.

The Sturmfist 5 is a traditional 5-finger winter cycling glove with a wool lining, Polartec Alpha insulation, and water- and wind-resistant softshell. They are designed to keep hands warm in temperatures of 15° to 35°F.

The Sturmfist 4 combines the little finger and ring finger so they can keep each other warm in temperatures from 0° to 15°F. It has all the features of the Sturmfist 5 and three times the insulation. Add a Risør glove liner when heading out below 0°F.

Price: $39.00–130.00

Product:  Buy Now

Endura Multitube

A versatile buff like the Endura Multitube makes a good holiday giftYour cyclist can wear the versatile Endura Multitube as a neck tube, mask, bandana, skullcap, or whatever you dream up. This buff is thin enough to fit under a cycling helmet.

It comes in a fast-wicking polyester version and a soft merino wool will keep adds warmth and is resistant to picking up odor.

Price: $17.50–27.50

Product:  Buy Now

Stocking Stuffers

Are you looking for some useful items to stick in your cyclist's stocking? We can help you there, too.

A clean and lubricated bike chain is a happy chain. A happy chain is easier to pedal. Chain lube gets used up and the cyclist always needs more.

You could find out what your cyclist's favorite gels are and stuff their stocking with those. Or you could pick out the widest variety  possible to create the ultimate sampler. This time of year is the perfect time for sampling: They have months before next season starts to test them all out and maybe find some new favorites.

Flats happen. CO2 inflators and cartridges are a quick way to get back on the road. The downside is that the used cartridges need to be replaced. So, toss a couple into your cyclist's stocking.

Price: Varies

Chain lube:  Shop Now

Gels:  Shop Now

CO2 Cartridges:  Shop Now

For even more ideas, check out our gift guides from prior years.

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