Kyle's Bikes Waukee Update

Kyle's Bikes Waukee Update
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We've been super busy over at our new Waukee location since our November 2nd announcement. Our new store at 100 SE Laurel Street used to be a fitness center. It required a bit of work to make it ready as a retail space. The first thing we knew had to go was the old check-in counter. The flooring, which was laid out for the old floor plan, also needed to be ripped up to make room for the new. The first few weeks of work focused on opening up the space.

Then we needed to make it ours. The deep red walls would not do! How about Kyle's Bikes Green?!? After two days of all-hands painting. We were finally able to see what the space will actually look like.

"All-hands" even included some little hands. Family and friends have been out almost every day to help. Kyer's older boys (twins who just turned five) have been active at the store since the lease was signed. First, riding bikes around the place, and then helping. After a thorough cleaning, it was time to lay the new flooring. All the flooring pieces click together. But there were many, many pieces that needed placing. Early in January, Phil Wever (PW Imaging) showed up with his magic 3D camera and made it possible for everyone to see our Waukee space in 360 degree awesomeness! By mid January, Joe Short had turned the tape marks on the floor into an amazing, actual counter. He took the measurements and built it up in his workshop from ebony-stained car siding and butcher-block tops. Assembled in place, it is exactly what we need. We have been building shelves in the back storeroom. We know that the wall-sized mirror in that room would make this a great indoor cycling studio, but we need the storage space more! In the room off to the side of the main space, we have been creating our repair shop and bike fitting space. Ever since the walls were painted and the floor laid down, we've been adding retail displays to the main space. Now we can bring over merchandise and get ready for opening in February. We hope you enjoy this video showing the changes that have taken place over the last few months:
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