Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon 2015

Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon 2015
Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon 2015by Katherine A. Roccasecca Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon 10 minute Pool Swim, 30 minute Spin Bike, 20 minute Treadmill Run Urbandale, Iowa January 4, 2015 In just one hour (plus transition times) you could become a triathlete at a Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon. Races were held Sunday, January 4th at Life Time centers across the country. We talked to seven athletes who competed at Life Time Athletic in Urbandale, Iowa: Don Peddy, Dotty Johnson, Lucas Freed, Larry Enos, Robert Dittmann, Shawn Blaesing-Thompson, and Andy Bernholtz. The most common and expected reasons they had for signing up were to break up the winter training doldrums, to get a jump on the season, to have a benchmark to measure the rest of the year against, and to race with friends. Lucas, who has done indoor triathlons before, said, "These events are a great reality check for the beginning of the year following an always merry and jolly 'eating and drinking season'." Another common motivation they had was a desire to check out the Life Time Athletic facility, as the club just opened this past year.

How the Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Worked

The race was staged in waves. Participants had ten minutes to swim as many lengths of the pool as they could. They were allowed ten minutes to change clothes and walk to the cycling studio with everything they would need for the next two legs. Shawn, member of the Kyle's Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team, said, "The waves as we were grouped were rather mixed, but that also made it fun because we had the opportunity to meet new people... lots of folks doing their first indoor or first tri ever, so that was fun." After 30 minutes on the bikes, staff recorded the mileage from the bike computers, and the group had five minutes to get over to the treadmills. "Facing each other made it hilarious. I felt bad for the poor girl in front of me who had to see my running face for 20 minutes," said Robert, member of the Kyle's Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team. Scoring was "based on how you placed in each event. I was 5th in the run so I received 70 points as there were 74 people who did the tri," explained Andy, member of the Kyle's Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team. Then the scores for each leg were added together to give an overall score.

How the Athletes Did

Don, a cyclist who began doing triathlons in 2014, was really impressed with the organization of the event. "I enjoyed the format and got a great workout. I met my goal in each category. I have been working on my swimming and running, and saw significant improvement in those areas. I had no illusion of winning my age group or overall, but wanted to be competitive with Andy Bernholtz on the bike. I think I accomplished that goal. LOL! I hope people give it a try next year. It was a lot of fun." Andy met some of his goals for his first indoor triathlon. "I have never used a spin bike there and had no idea how to adjust gears or set up the bike properly (which made for a very uncomfortable ride). However, it was a great training day and gave me a different perspective on indoor racing. [And gave Don bragging rights for that leg.] My swim and run went close to as expected. I met my goal of 26 lengths in the swim. Dotty was smack talking so we bet a meal on the race. I beat her in the swim and the run and overall." Friends and smack talking are part of what got Dotty into this race. She is very competitive, has been doing triathlons for over three years, and is currently training for her second Ironman with the hope of qualifying for Kona. Family played a role in signing up, too: "My hubby wanted to try it out (this was his first ever triathlon) so it was something that we both could do together." Although she was disappointed in how the results were posted (no age groups, and she got listed in the men's category), she really enjoyed the chance to use the facility. "I thought everyone at Life Time was amazing and I am thankful how they helped prepare for the race. I would have enjoyed to have the whole day to enjoy Life Time to see all the facility but had to leave, so having a pass for the day would have been great!" Lucas, who has done the distance-based indoor triathlon at the Walnut Creek Y several times, had a goal "to simply finish and do my best." He said, "Overall I did better than I anticipated! Since this was the first LifeTime 60-minute event I will check for improvements next January." When asked about the competition, he replied, "There are a few people that I've met via tri clubs, Living History training, and other events that I'm gunning for (Mo is a target, as well as the pool 'Rocket'). It's all in good fun though!" Larry did a couple sprint triathlons in 2013 and is now trying to get in better shape with the goal of doing an Olympic-distance or 70.3 this summer. His long-term goal is an Ironman for his 50th birthday in 2017. His goal for the indoor triathlon was "to go the distance." When asked how he did, he replied, "Look at the results: bottom of the list in every category." (Actually, he beat eight people on the bike leg.) "I didn't expect to be DEAD last, but it does give me something to keep me motivated for the rest of the year." Now the friend who came to cheer him on wants to do a triathlon. Win! Shawn wanted to go out and have a fun time and get her mind back on doing triathlons, so she signed up for her first indoor triathlon. "It was fun. Loved the facility (especially the cool full length lap pool). I raced with Robert and we encouraged each other and participated in a bit of smack talk (Robert mostly). Now to figure out what races I am going to do this year... 1/2 Ironman somewhere." "Not to stop for donuts midway through the race" was Robert's personal goal. He said it was all fun and he treated it like a training day. Although he works there (He heads up the outdoor cycle program), he still had to pay the $25 registration, so he was really happy to receive a shirt that actually fits tall people ("not a belly shirt"). This was his first indoor tri and he said, "I had a TON of fun poking fun at and seeing lots of friendly faces that I only usually see during the warm weather months." It's great to see that not only did folks have a good time racing with friends, they have inspired others to try it as well. Lucas points out, "There are still some events left this January, never too late to get signed up. For first-timers this is a great way to try a multi-sport event in a fun and low-pressure environment. You don't need all the gear and in the end you'll end up with a great workout no matter what. My recommendation is to 'tri it out!'"
Full results from the Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon are online at To find more indoor triathlons, check our recent article Local Indoor Triathlons 2015. If you'd like to add your perspective on this race, please leave a comment!
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Thanks again Katherine! I had a great time!
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