Operation Get Kyer to Do a Tri

by Katherine A. Roccasecca Kyer Robinson trains on the bike trail by the shopWhat do you do when you work for a company in the triathlon field (i.e., DiscountTriSupply.com) and you find out that your boss (i.e., Kyer Robinson) hasn’t ever actually done a triathlon? Well, if you’re me, you publicly harass him into doing one! It all started when we did Kyer’s employee profile for the blog in June. We learned that he’s always thought he’ll do a sprint tri “one of these days,” that he already swims, bikes, and runs, and that he and his wife are expecting twins in November. It was obvious to me that he had to do that someday sprint tri right now. "Operation Get Kyer to Do a Tri" hit Facebook and Twitter (#kyertri) and the responses poured in. Not only did I not lose my job, Kyer did sign up for the CyMan Triathlon (sponsored by the ISU Triathlon Club) in Bondurant, Iowa on Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Kyer Strikes Back

Kyer has decided that if he is going to have to do a triathlon, we should all have to do a triathlon. So far he has five employees (including me!) talked into doing CyMan with him. We had our first company-sponsored training session this week. Kyer, Patrick, and I drove over to Saylorville Lake on our lunch hour for a quick 750 yards of open-water swim practice. We learned that Patrick swims the fastest and sights the best. Kyer and I kept crashing into each other, but that could count as good practice too. Lunch hour open-water swim practice for the teamPatrick Davis shares his open water swim secrets

More Training Needed

Kyer did great on his first open-water swim and we know he knows how to bike and run, but we want to be sure he’s really ready when race day comes around. If your local club has any transition clinics or open-water swim practices scheduled, send Kyer an invite. We’ll harass him into going, as long as his schedule allows. Look for more updates as we all realize what we’ve gotten ourselves into and try to get ready in the next four weeks! Or join us on race day.  
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8 years ago at 11:23 AM
Keep up the good work Kyer. The finish line will come before you know it!
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