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  • The Balls of My Feet Hurt

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz

    Balls of my feet"The balls of my feet hurt!"

    Have you said this or heard a running partner say this before? It is a very common thing for runners to say. Pretty soon you will know why!

    I get customers in the shop testing out appropriate shoes based on their gait and they comment about feeling less pressure on the balls of their feet. Many think that pressure is just normal and is part of "being a runner."

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  • Fight Winter Sickness With Smart Eating

    by Dietitian Ellen

    Winter-SicknessRaise your hand if it seems like you get sick every year during the off-season.

    Keep your hand raised if you can honestly say that you eat just as healthy and get as much or more sleep during your off-season as you do during your racing season.

    Now that we have identified the liars reading the blog, (those that still have their hands raised) let’s talk about how to reduce the risk of catching that annoying cold after the end of the season. (By the way if your hand is still raised, keep it up there… this is your punishment for lying OR your reward for being outrageously dedicated! )

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  • 5 Ways to Stay Swim Motivated during the Holidays

    by Pro Triathlete Tami

    Stay swim moticatedIf there is one thing triathletes dread, it is swimming. It is even worse in the middle of winter when it is dark with two feet of snow on the ground. We can endure torturous bike and run workouts but the task of getting to the pool and jumping in seems impossible.

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  • Only One Shoe For Me

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz

    Only One Shoe for ME"...But I've always worn (insert shoe name here)"

    This is a comment I hear a lot.  Along with this one:

    "I have worn Brand X Model Y for years and they work for me.  Why would I want to change?"

    I may not be a young buck anymore, but to me that is considered "old school" thinking. When a customer says something along those lines I have them think about a couple questions.

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  • Eat Healthy During the Off-Season

    by Dietitian Ellen

    I have a secret for you... Shhhh

    The holidays are practically here!

    Here is how I know:

    1. The political adds are over! YAY!
    2. The Target holiday commercials are all over TV
    3. I have been begging to watch Elf during nightly trainer rides

    It is also the off-season for some or simple base training for others. Many of you probably spend the month of December, like I do, celebrating birthdays, weddings, ugly sweater parties, Christmas, the new year, and eating, and eating, and eating... you get the point. For athletes there is one fear. Weight gain.

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  • Do I Need Support?

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz

    I need a shoe with a lot of support"I need a shoe with lots of support."

    As a shoe salesman I hear that everyday. Sometimes runners know what they specifically need based on their running history. If that is the case, then great! However, there is a large population of new runners who hear that stability will help. It is a general misconception that a stability shoe fixes pain caused from running or walking. The word support is a rather ambiguous term when it comes to defining how different types of running shoes function.

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