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Pigman Sprint Triathlon: Tami's Race Report

by Pro Triathlete Tami Ritchie

Tami Ritchie runs to the finish in the Pigman Sprint TriathlonThe Pigman Sprint Triathlon was on June 2nd, but it felt like April 2nd. Cold, cloudy, and very windy. My race did not go well.

The swim went okay, though I was faster two years ago. The water was 64 degrees. It's a great temperature if you like wetsuits. I was leading the swim and out of T1.

After exiting T1 I had trouble getting my feet in my shoes because my hands were so cold they didn't work quite right. For the first quarter of the bike I felt alright, felt like I could actually race. The last three quarters of the race I just felt flat and tired. I'm working on changing my bike position and a few other things to try and get this straightened all out—hopefully very soon! By the end of the bike I was in 6th place, but thankfully no longer cold.

My flat and tired feelings continued on the run. There was really no one super close to me to really race (try to catch or stay ahead of) either, so I didn't really feel pushed, nor like I needed to push. I knew it was going to be an all-around slow race for me.

It was a very bad race for me, but it has reminded me that I must do something about my bike fit. Also, I think I was just so busy the few weeks leading up to the race (working some nights, weddings, etc.) that by the time I got to race day I was already drained. Just another reminder about planning before races when possible.

I hope the weather gets a bit sunnier soon and to see everyone outside training. Happy training and racing!

Tami Ritchie at the start of the Pigman Sprint Triathlon

Tami Ritchie swimming

Tami finishes the swim


Tami Ritchie finishes the Pigman Sprint Triathlon

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  • Lynn Vogt

    Tami, check out Chris Balser (see websie below). He has 24 yrs of bike fitting experience, has several degrees and certifications. I have used him on the recommendation of my daughter who had fit issues. He is kind of eccentric but explains what he does and why very well. Unfortunately he is in the Twin Cities and is scheduled very heavy. He does about 300-500 fits per year including pros. He also sponsors a few.

    He does fitting both at Penn Cycle and also out of his home studio.


  • Tami

    Thanks for the info, but luckily I have a great bike fitter right here in Des Moines. Kyle of Kyle's Bikes helped me out and I think things are going better already!