Running Gait Analysis and Shoe Selection

Running Gait Analysis and Shoe Selection

Kyle's Bikes offers running gait analysis at no chargeby Robert Seaberg

Just signed up for a couch to 5k program? Got talked into running Dam to DSM this year? Maybe you’re looking to simply stay in shape or lose a couple of pounds. Perhaps you just enjoy walking, or your podiatrist told you that you need better shoes. Out of all of the thousands of running shoes, how do you find the right pair? Don’t panic. The experts here at Kyle’s Bikes have a carefully developed selection process to help you out.

Your Personal History and Objectives

It all begins with a conversation.

We will begin by asking you a few questions. We’ll ask a little bit about your athletic history, and if you have had prior injuries. Events such as surgeries or chronic injuries can have an impact which shoe may work best for you.

Equally important to this conversation are your objectives. Whether you are walking, you’re a novice runner, or you’re about to run your tenth marathon, we’ll chat about what you would like the shoes to do for you.

Gait Analysis

At Kyle's Bikes, gait analysis helps us find the right running shoe for youAnalyzing your gait, or the way that you walk or run, is an essential part in determining the appropriate running shoe. It takes less than five minutes, and it is completely complimentary.

With our Dartfish sports analysis software, we can take a video capture of our customers and focus on how the body moves. You’ll take off your shoes, hop on our treadmill, and we will capture a short clip. We can put the video in slow motion, and even do a frame-by-frame analysis to identify some key indicators.

When we review the recording, we gain some valuable insights. This includes how your foot strikes, how your arch moves under force, and how your ankle moves under weight. For some people, the foot rotates inward, and the ankle follows. For others, the foot stays neutral and ankle does as well. In a few exceptional cases, the foot and ankle roll outward.

We will also point out things to pay attention to like form issues or abnormal gait. This is a great educational opportunity for our customers. You will see your running form in a unique way. (Have you ever watched yourself run?) We frequently are able to rule out some common misconceptions regarding each person’s biomechanics.

Running Shoe Selection

After discussing your goals and gait analysis, Kyle's Bikes helps you select the best running shoeAfter considering what your goals are and how your body moves, we will start to try on shoes.

All the information we gather up to this point helps to narrow the search. Rather than picking a running shoe because it looks cool and hoping it feels good, we’ll pick a shoe that we know will feel good. Hopefully you’ll think it looks cool, too. We typically begin by selecting one shoe and checking the size and fit. After checking your initial reaction to the shoe, we will select two or three other models for comparison. Expect to try more than one size and more than one brand.

Also expect to find more than one shoe that feels really, really good. Sometimes one shoe stands out as an obvious best choice. Every aspect of it feels great, and you immediately know you’ve found the one. Other times, every shoe feels amazing. When you have a hard time deciding, we will talk you through the selection process. We’ll talk about potential pros and cons of each model and how each shoe will interact with your foot. The important thing to remember at this point is that every choice in front of you is a winner.

Your Happiness

Whether it’s your first 5K, your tenth marathon, or you don’t run at all but you’re on your feet all day, we have what you need. If you have no idea what shoe you need or your favorite running shoe for the past five years got discontinued, we can help you out. Come get your gait checked out today.

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