Ruster Sports Hen House Bike Case Review

Ruster Sports Hen House Bike Case

by Pro Triathlete Alex

Ruster Sports Hen House Bike CaseFor many, a tropical race/vacation combo can get the whole family on board with long hours of training and help you stay motivated. You don’t want to travel all that way for no reason, so best get out of bed and get at it!

Whether you’re going to a beautiful race venue that you just have to experience, in need of a warm weather training camp, or flying to a faraway championship level race, somehow you and all of your gear will have to get there.

This can be tricky when traveling with a bike. Not only would you have to worry about paying extra baggage fees ($400 round trip in some cases!), but you’d also have to worry about transporting a massive bike box once you get to your destination. This may mean hauling your box long distances, paying for bigger taxi cabs, or paying extra bus fees for your oversized luggage. All this while still having to deal with the other luggage you need to bring along. Your race paradise trip could quickly become a financial and physical nightmare, leaving you feeling too pinched to enjoy the area you’re in and too exhausted to even think about racing.

The Ruster Sports Hen House bike case is here to save your trip. It is a two-bag style case, where your frame goes into one bag and your wheels into another. The total dimensions of each bag are less than 62 linear inches and therefore they fly as regular checked baggage. Depending on the airline, you may get charged for having two checked bags instead of one, but it’s still a whole lot cheaper than an oversized bike fee!

Alex Libin's bike fits in the Ruster Sports Hen HouseThe Hen House requires some disassembly of your bicycle, but not much more than a regular bike box. Ruster Sports has plenty of videos on their website that do a very good job of demonstrating everything step-by-step. You simply have to remove your pedals, rear derailleur, and front fork.

A common issue I’ve seen some people run into is reassembling their headset improperly. To make sure I’m putting everything back in the correct order, I stack all my headset components and spacers back onto the fork in the proper order once it’s all taken off. This way I can’t make a mistake and can be sure that I’m not forgetting any pieces either.

The Hen House comes with everything you need to safely pack your bicycle away. Included are Styrofoam tubing that you can cut down to whatever size you need to fit all the tubes on your bicycle, a reinforced rear skewer to keep your rear triangle from getting squished, a protective case for your rear derailleur, and several Velcro straps to keep everything together. After packing my bike, I then pack all my clothes, race necessities, shoes, and even a full size floor pump around my frame and wheels. This way I have everything I need in two bags and my precious bicycle has gotten some extra padding for comfort.

Hen House case ready to goI’ve traveled on many different airlines with this case and have yet to be charged a single bike fee. This year alone the Hen House has saved me over $1000, which leaves me with more money for food and more racing!

I’m commonly asked, "What do you tell the clerks when checking your bags?" I keep it simple, and if the clerk asks what’s in the bag I tell them it’s less than 62 inches. If they’re really pushy I tell them it’s a carbon frame or sports equipment. Some companies have a policy that if it’s a bike it gets charged as a bike regardless of baggage sizing, so it’s best to be vague and firm. Worst case scenario is you can get back in line and go to a different ticket counter.

Hen House bike case is almost all Alex Libin needsThe Ruster Sports Hen House has revolutionized the way I travel with my bicycle. Gone are the days of nixing trips because they’d be too expensive. No longer am I worried about how to get from the airport to the hotel with a goliath sized box. I am simply just like any other traveler—I have two bags and a destination. So get yourself a Hen House today and go enjoy some new race venues!

8 years ago
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Michael Peverill
8 years ago at 1:26 PM
I am currently looking at buying one of these, but I was looking at the armored version. What version are you using? And do you think it is worth the extra money?
Alex Libin
8 years ago at 11:17 AM
When I bought my case the armored version wasn't available at the time. So I have the regular Hen House, however after seeing a few buddies with the armored version I can tell you the upgrade is definitely worthwhile! Not only do you get more peace of mind by having extra protection for your bike, but you also get wheels! It can sometimes be a little difficult having your bike and all of your gear hanging from your shoulders. Especially if it's a long walk from the airport to the car rental area. I've showed up to a few start lines this year with sore shoulders. I'm a triathlete after all, not a weight lifter! I would definitely say it's worth the money. Depending on whom you fly with, after a few round trips the case will pay for itself anyway. Hope that helps!
michael hoffman
8 years ago at 9:28 AM
This company not only delivers a great innovative product but their service, counsel and delivery, is wonderful. They are willing to do above and beyond to make their customers happy.
Ethan Davidson
8 years ago at 3:01 PM
Hi Michael, I can say with great confidence that the Armored Hen House is well worth the upgrade cost. The wheels and pull handle coupled with the ease of transportation justifies the upgrade cost alone. Not to mention the added piece-of-mind when placing your thousand dollar+ bicycle in a hard-sided case as opposed to a soft-sided case. Both cases provide sufficient protection for your bicycle, but I can assure you the $130 upgrade cost will prove to save you time and energy in the long run. All of our products are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects so in theory the upgrade cost will be a one-time upgrade backed by warranty protection. Hope this helps my friend!
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