Serfas Folding Floor Pump FPT-100 Review

Serfas Folding Floor Pump

by Nathan Cline

Serfas Folding Floor PumpThe Serfas Folding Floor Pump FPT-100 compels me to write a review.

This never happens. Why should I cry out about bike pump? That seems weird, right? But when you find a product that works spectacularly in a variety of situations you take notice, especially if you have been around the block a few times and, no doubt, run up against quite a few flat tires. That has taught me what to look for, or not look for, in a pump. Because I have trashed more than a few floor pumps, I think I can say some words about a good product.

Serfas folding floor pump works like a floor pumpSerfas' design for the Folding Floor Pump FPT-100 is clever. The base rotates 90 degrees and the handle pops up and tips over into a solid T position, transforming what looks like a stick pump into a floor pump with a nicely visible 160 max psi pressure gauge. The construction is very solid aluminum and it feels surprisingly stable when deployed as a floor pump. The stroke feels just like that of a floor pump both in volume and length of the stroke.  I found that I really liked the Quick Draw Pump Head's design, as well. It has both Presta and Schrader sides, and threads securely into my Presta valve stem with no movement or leakage at all.

This would be a perfect pump in a triathlon transition bag or in my backpack for a big three day cyclocross race weekend. I am always jittery about proper tire pressure on race day and I want to know my exact PSI. This is nice and packable, easy to convert from storage to pump mode, and most importantly accurate and reliable.

Serfas folding floor pump stores easilyFrom now on this is my go to travel race pump! On the road this pump is easier to deal with then a conventional floor pump but has the same power and functions! Plus, it includes a nice little wall mount to keep it at the ready in my garage. Serfas nailed this one!

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