• Cyman Triathlon: Kyer Robinson’s Race Report

    by Kyer Robinson

    Kyer begins his tri career at CyMan TriathlonMy tri career started when Katherine was writing a profile about me. She noticed that I run a triathlon business and had never done a triathlon. She asked me about it and I told her that I have always been planning on doing one, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

    She then proceeded to publicly challenge me to do a triathlon before the end of the year. If you don’t know, I am having twin boys in the next month or so, and she thought I needed to do it before the boys were born. I accepted the challenge sometime in July.

    I decided I better find a sprint tri and the later the better (more time to train). I chose the Cyman Triathlon because it was close and the latest one I could find. We also were a sponsor at this race, so why not?

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  • High Quality Bike Shorts Are the Best Investment

    by Nicholas "Tri-Clyde" Sikes

    High Quality Bike ShortsPlease welcome Nicholas Sikes to our blog. He is a central Iowa amateur triathlete who races in the Clydesdale division. He will be writing regularly on the clothing and gear most important to those who are starting out in the sport. His articles will include, but won’t be limited to, the experiences of larger athletes. This month, find out how he learned about the benefits of high quality bike shorts.

    I am not sure what drives most people to become triathletes. For me it was the fact that I have always been heavy (especially following grad school) and, when trying to keep up with my 3-year-old daughter, I realized I needed to set a much better example for her.

    I liked biking, abhorred running, and hadn’t swum a lap in over a decade, so I figured triathlon could be a sport that challenged me to train consistently instead of just using short bouts of raw strength. I have always been strong, but I knew something must change when I would run out of breath after only two flights of stairs.

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  • Indoor Triathlons

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Indoor Triathlon Pool SwimThe fun and excitement of a triathlon without as much commitment? That's what makes an indoor triathlon the perfect first triathlon for a newbie and the perfect pre-season pickup for the experienced triathlete.

    If you've been trying to convince a friend or relative to give triathlon a try but they've been hesitant, thinking it would be too hard or that they would have to buy a lot of expensive gear, steer them toward an indoor triathlon. They won't need to buy anything other than what they would need for the training anyway. That's the following: swimsuit, goggles, shorts that don't chafe, and running shoes.

    If you, the experienced triathlete, have been stuck on the bike trainer in the basement or are feeling the blues of pre-sunrise trips to the pool, use an indoor triathlon as mid-winter pick-me-up. These events have all the fun and excitement of competition without being so long in time or distance to throw off your training plan. You can meet up with friends and rivals to compare times. And you'll probably meet several first-triathlon folks who would really appreciate an encouraging word or two from you.

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