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Clermont ITU Pan Am Cup

Race reports and information on the Clermont ITU Pan Am Cup
  • Clermont ITU Pan Am Cup: Alex's First Pro Race

    By Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin is one of our sponsored pro athletes this season. He grew up in Urbandale/West Des Moines, Iowa and now lives in the Iowa City area. He discovered triathlon in 2007, started getting serious about it 2010, and has turned pro just this year to take advantage of his final year of eligibility to race U23. We'll get a full bio of him put together, but right now we are excited to bring you his first race report. Check back again next week as he is racing again this weekend! And yes, we are jealous he's spending the week training in an outdoor pool in sunny Florida.

    Alex Libin's BikeTraveling for me is usually not an issue, and as a I woke up the morning of my flight to Clermont I felt like I had nothing but time to kill and get ready until my 2:10 p.m. flight. The day before, I got my bike all set up and ready to race at Kyle's Bikes (the brick-and-mortar half of Kyle's Bikes/Discount Tri Supply). I had disassembled my bike and packed all my stuff into my Ruster Sports Hen House bag. So I lazily ate breakfast, showered, and collected what I wanted in my carry-on bag onto the kitchen table. I could hear my phone blowing up downstairs over and over again. But no worries, why would someone be in a panic to call me right now?

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