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  • Specialized Therminal Tights and Defroster Boots

    Specialized Therminal Tights and Defroster Boots work together to keep you warmSpecialized Therminal Tights have stirrups on the back of the bottom hems. What am I supposed to do with those?

    Do they go in my shoes, over my shoes, under my socks? Why do the tights look like bell bottoms? My old Specialized tights weren't so odd. What's up?

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  • Garmin Customizable Screens

    by Katherine Roccasecca

    Garmin Customizable ScreensGarmin devices capture and display a wealth of information. And the higher end the device, the more data there is. You may want to review all this after your workout (of course you do!), but during your workout, use Garmin's customizable screens to organize the data you need to see in that moment. This quick how-to should give you some ideas. Continue reading

  • How To: Tell the Difference between the Old and New Sram Force Shifters

    by Patrick Davis

    SRAM Force DoubleTap Controls with Zero LossRecently, SRAM completely redesigned their top of the line Red group which left people wondering what would happen to its next step down, Force, group. The upgrades to the Force group are much more subtle than the hyped Red group, but they are sure to make your riding experience better.

    I am going to help you understand what they did to the shift levers and how to tell the difference between the older (2010–2012 model) and new Zero Loss (2013 model).

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  • Zipp Tangente Tube and Valve Stem Extenders: How To

    by Patrick Davis

    Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders: How ToLearn about valve extender integration from Zipp Speed Weaponry.

    Deep section carbon rims are much more common for everyday use than they used to be. They come in many different depths and brake surface types. Zipp's Tangente line has been the forefront of aerodynamics and functionality since it was introduced. Their most recent addition is a super sleek, holistic approach to air sealed valve extenders.

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