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  • Which Burley Trailer Is Right for You?

    Kyle's Bikes can help you choose the right Burley trailer for you and your familyby Kyer Robinson

    Chances are you have seen someone pulling their kids in a Burley Trailer. You may have noticed them at the park, or on the local bike trail. You may have even seen someone pulling their dog in one.

    If you have decided it might be time to get a trailer, we are here to help you decide which model. This guide will help you understand what to look for when selecting a trailer.

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  • Why Invest in a Quality Kids Bike

    Quality Kids Bikes are safe and durableby Alexa Middleton

    The kids are out of school, summer weather is finally here, and it’s time to get your child back on a bike! At Kyle’s Bikes, we are passionate about helping you start your children out on their cycling journeys, and starting them out right.

    When you come into our store to shop for a kids bike, you will notice that our prices are higher than big-box store prices. But there is a reason we stock the kids bikes we stock, and why you won’t find a princess-themed or Paw Patrol bike among them. We are only willing to sell you bikes that your kids can ride safely.

    I asked our sales staff and mechanics why they think investing in a quality kids bike is worth it, and here’s what they gave me. Continue reading

  • Track Spikes

    by Robert Seaberg

    Track spikes can improve your performanceTrack season means it’s time for some new shoes. For most track participants, this means a pair of training shoes, and for many participants, it also means it is time for a new pair of track spikes.

    The prospect of purchasing two pairs of shoes for one season may appear excessive. Rest assured, however, there are significant differences between training shoes and racing spikes. Most importantly, having a pair of spikes to accompany your training shoes is essential to making the most out of your season. And don't forget, we are here to help you.

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  • Kids Gift Guide 2016

    Kyle's Bikes Kids Gift Guide 2016This holiday season, share your love of sports like biking, swimming, and running with the kids on your list. We have several recommendations, from jogging strollers to bikes for them to ride, in our kids gift guide.

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  • Copper Creek Triathlon: Conner's Report

    by Conner Bernstein

    13-year-old Conner finishes the Copper Creek Triathlon after racing it soloMy name is Connor Bernstein and I was the youngest boy racer at Copper Creek Triathlon on June 22, 2014. I started out doing the triathlon as a team with my family. My parents and I have been a team for the last two years. My mom swims, my dad bikes, and I finish the race by running. There’s a joke in my family that my parents always “fire” the runner, looking for someone faster. Well after two years, I was the longest lasting runner on their relay team ever.

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