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Why Invest in a Quality Kids Bike

Why Invest in a Quality Kids Bike

The kids are out of school, summer weather is finally here, and it’s time to get your child back on a bike! At Kyle’s Bikes, we are passionate about helping you start your children out on their cycling journeys, and starting them out right.

When you come into our store to shop for a kids bike, you will notice that our prices are higher than big-box store prices. But there is a reason we stock the kids bikes we stock, and why you won’t find a princess-themed or Paw Patrol bike among them. We are only willing to sell you bikes that your kids can ride safely.

I asked our sales staff and mechanics why they think investing in a quality kids bike is worth it, and here’s what they gave me.

3 years ago
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Track Spikes

Track Spikes

4 years ago
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Kyle's Bikes Kids Gift Guide 2016

Kids Gift Guide 2016

5 years ago
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