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  • Complete a Bike Race Challenge: Race Report

    DTS Office Challenge #2: Complete a Bike Race This FallIn early October, Patrick issued a challenge by writing on the white board at the warehouse: “DTS Office Challenge #2: Complete a Bike Race this Fall.” Katherine, always one to get excited about a challenge, tried to organize as many folks as possible from Discount Tri Supply and Kyle’s Bikes into doing it.

    (Our website used to be named Discount Tri Supply.)

    Now that the season is over, here are our Complete a Bike Race Challenge race reports.

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  • Cyman Triathlon: Discount Tri Supply’s Race Report

    Kyer talked us all into racing Cyman Triathlon 2013As Kyer was warming up to the idea of doing his first tri, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to do it alone.

    Katherine started this, so she knew she had to do it. She offered to swim and talked BIll “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz into running. His girlfriend and Gaggle of Girls founder, Saraleigh, said she wanted to bike and joined the relay.

    David, like Kyer, had never done a triathlon, but was one of the first to jump on board the idea. Bret had done sprint and Olympic triathlons in the past, and even though it had been a few years, he thought this seemed like a good opportunity. Patrick, as our former pro triathlete, was another who sort of “had to,” and we swept him up in our enthusiasm.

    Here are our Cyman Triathlon race reports.

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  • Cyman Triathlon: Kyer Robinson’s Race Report

    Kyer begins his tri career at CyMan Triathlonby Kyer Robinson

    My tri career started when Katherine was writing a profile about me. She noticed that I run a triathlon business and had never done a triathlon. She asked me about it and I told her that I have always been planning on doing one, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

    She then proceeded to publicly challenge me to do a triathlon before the end of the year. If you don’t know, I am having twin boys in the next month or so, and she thought I needed to do it before the boys were born. I accepted the challenge sometime in July.

    I decided I better find a sprint tri and the later the better (more time to train). I chose the Cyman Triathlon because it was close and the latest one I could find. We also were a sponsor at this race, so why not?

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  • Open Water Swimming Tips

    by Pro Triathlete Tami

    Tami Ritchie helped us with open water swimming tipsOpen water swimming can be daunting, but there a few steps you can take to get comfortable with open water swimming and make race day a more enjoyable (and hopefully faster) experience. Try these open water swimming tips.

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  • Operation Get Kyer to Do a Tri

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Kyer Robinson trains on the bike trail by the shopWhat do you do when you work for a company in the triathlon field (i.e., DiscountTriSupply.com) and you find out that your boss (i.e., Kyer Robinson) hasn’t ever actually done a triathlon?

    Well, if you’re me, you publicly harass him into doing one!

    It all started when we did Kyer’s employee profile for the blog in June. We learned that he’s always thought he’ll do a sprint tri “one of these days,” that he already swims, bikes, and runs, and that he and his wife are expecting twins in November. It was obvious to me that he had to do that someday sprint tri right now.

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