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  • Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Review

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Skratch Labs Fruit Drops ReviewWhen we saw that Skratch Labs—leader in what you could call the "eat some real food" movement, publisher of two cookbooks of food for on and off the bike, and maker of hydration mixes flavored with only real fruit without artificial colors or preservatives—announced they were adding an energy chew to their product line, we were intrigued. We thought you might be too, so we dug into a few packages and wrote you this Skratch Labs Fruit Drops review.

    While Skratch Labs has "always believed in fresh portables made from scratch to quell GI-distress," they recognized busy athletes' need for even more convenient products and they felt they could improve traditional energy chews the way they improved sports drinks.

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  • Why Protein for Endurance Athletes

    by Eric Bockelman, Dietitian

    Why Protein for Endurance AthletesWhether you are a swimmer, cyclist, or runner, endurance- and cardio-oriented athletes typically fuel their bodies with carbs and skip over one of the most important building blocks in an athlete’s diet: protein. Whether you are a bodybuilder or a marathoner, it is important to integrate adequate amounts of amino acids/protein into your diet. These nutrients are necessary not only for muscle formation but for muscle repair.

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  • Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with 5 Easy Tips

    by Eric Bockelman, Dietitian

    Avoid holiday weight gainThe days have been growing shorter and the nights getting longer, and as we get further and further into the winter months it gets harder to be active and exercise. A difficult issue most endurance athletes run into during this time of year are those unwanted holiday pounds. Whether you intend to overeat or not, the average American consumes consumes around 4000–4500 kcals in a given day. This is a far cry from what the vast majority of us need simply to maintain our current weight. With proper planning it is possible to avoid holiday weight gain and still enjoy the season.

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  • Skratch Labs Review

    by Christian Baughman, Kyle’s Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team

    Skratch Labs ReviewWhat is the “it” that’s in you? If you care about how the food you eat is made and what it contains, you will want to seriously question what the products you train with are all about.

    I have been a fan of Skratch Labs for a little over a year now. Previously, I used Gatorade almost exclusively, largely because that’s all I knew about. Like most products in our food supply there are many choices and some that are far better choices than others.

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  • Prevent Sports Anemia

    by Eric Bockelman, Dietitian

    Spinach has ironAs endurance athletes we constantly challenge our bodies through sport on a daily basis. These increased demands often can cause specific deficiencies that compromise our bodies' normal processes.

    One specific and very common level that is often compromised is iron. When this mineral is low it can lead to a condition known as anemia. This is when your body has a significant decrease in the number of red blood cells, more specifically a decrease in the hemoglobin concentration in the blood. Iron plays an important role in this process because it is what binds oxygen for transport in the body. A deficiency in iron can lead to a few symptoms.

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  • On-The-Go Snacks

    by Dietitian Ellen

    On The Go SnacksPicture this: You are in between a bike test and a meeting with the boss in 45 minutes. The bike test has left you famished, and the probability of passing out (or a less dramatic hunger growl) during the meeting is great. What do you do?

    At this point it might seem impossible to resist the golden arches on your way into the office, because it is quick and easy and that is all you have time for. This is where you need a back-up plan at all times. I hate to say it, but if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Of course, there are endless amounts of sports nutrition products available, but here are a few more natural food options to add variety, not junk, to your repertoire. Throw these items in a purse, murse, or gym bag and always be prepared.

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