• Indoor Bike Trainer Buying Guide

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca 

    Indoor Bike Trainer Buying GuideMaybe it never gets bitterly cold where you live and train. Maybe you don't have to contend with 18 inches of snow on the roads. However, there are still plenty of reasons for you to get an indoor bike trainer.

    We will share those reasons with you, and once we have convinced you that you need one, this indoor bike trainer buying guide will help you narrow down the overwhelming choices.
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  • Kyle’s Bikes 2018-19 Winter Bike Maintenance Specials

    It is time for the Kyle's Bikes winter bike maintenance specialsAs is tradition, it is time for the Kyle's Bikes winter bike maintenance specials. The air is getting cooler and soon snow will be on the ground.

    Winter is always a slow time for bike mechanics in Iowa. We want to keep ours busy, so we are discounting two of our maintenance packages to entice you to bring your bike in. You'll save some money and our mechanics will have something to do. It's a win-win!

    Imagine how great a clean well-tuned bike will feel. Stop in our store in Ankeny, Iowa any time through Monday, February 4th Tuesday, February 5th to take advantage of these deals. UPDATE: We will be close on the 4th, so we are extending the offer through the 5th.

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  • Winter Nutrition for Athletes

    Winter nutrition is as important as race season nutritionThere is, rightfully so, a lot of focus on nutrition during the racing season. What should you eat to prepare for a race; what should you eat during a race; and what should you eat to recover from racing and training? But what about winter nutrition? Let's take a look at eating and drinking during the off season!

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  • Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with 5 Easy Tips

    by Eric Bockelman, Dietitian

    Avoid holiday weight gainThe days have been growing shorter and the nights getting longer, and as we get further and further into the winter months it gets harder to be active and exercise. A difficult issue most endurance athletes run into during this time of year are those unwanted holiday pounds. Whether you intend to overeat or not, the average American consumes consumes around 4000–4500 kcals in a given day. This is a far cry from what the vast majority of us need simply to maintain our current weight. With proper planning it is possible to avoid holiday weight gain and still enjoy the season.

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  • It’s the Off-Season. Relax!

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin relaxes in the off-seasonThe leaves have fallen and, for some, snow is on the ground. For many athletes, the off-season is in full swing. And you deserve it—spending most of the year on a rigorous training regime can leave even the most type-A athlete depleted. November is finally a time to kick back and catch up on all those forgotten parts of your life: friends, dirty garages, pets, family, work, and social life.

    But where to start… and how? After all, you most likely became an athlete because you enjoy the challenge each workout brings and the structure it provides in your life. How do you function now that this has been taken away from you?

    It’s common for athletes of all levels to experience some level of withdrawal and depression during this downtime period. Physically, your brain is no longer receiving a healthy dose of mood boosting endorphins, and mentally, you may lack the feeling of completing a challenge. So how do you combat this and come into next season stronger than ever?

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  • Recommended Winter Bike Maintenance

    by Nathan Cline

    Nathan does winter bike maintenanceWinter is a great time of year to catch up on bike maintenance. As a racerly-type rider, I don't like to be without any particular bike for very long at all during peak season or make any big changes to my bikes. But in winter, I don't mind having major maintenance and upgrade projects done. In fact, it's a great idea to get overhaul work done now so once spring rolls around you'll be ready and confident.

    Let's avoid major mid-season issues or shop wait times and get on top of all those things that can prevent future wear and tear on your bike.

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