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  • Garmin Edge 1030 Product Announcement

    Garmin Edge 1030 AnnouncementGarmin has announced their newest high-end cycling computer: the Garmin Edge 1030. It brings together enhanced navigation, performance metrics, awareness features, and new connectivity with other riders, all in a compact, lightweight device.

    The Garmin Edge 1030 will benefit competitors, commuters, and adventure-seekers alike whether hitting the pavement, gravel routes, or off-road trails.

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  • Garmin fēnix 5 Series Product Announcement

    Garmin fenix 5 Product AnnouncementGarmin announced their latest series of multisport watches this week: the fēnix 5, fēnix 5S, and fēnix 5X. Like the rest of the fēnix line, these are packed with rugged outdoor features in addition to triathlon features and daily activity tracking features. All the models have wrist-based heart rate.  The new sleeker cases and interchangeable bands makes them very attractive for everyday wear. We are particularly excited about the fēnix 5S.

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  • Garmin Forerunner 35 Product Announcement

    Garmin Forerunner 35 is available for pre-orderThe Garmin Forerunner 35 is going to fill a nice little spot in Garmin's lineup of watches. It is a simple GPS with all the basic features a runner needs. And it has daily activity tracking features such as step counting and sleep monitoring. On top of that, it has built-in wrist-based heart rate, so you can head out for a run anytime you want without needing to put on a chest strap.

    The watch tracks distance, pace/speed, calories, intervals, where you run, and heart rate. Enjoy the solitude and upload your data to Garmin Connect when you return to your computer. Or pair your Garmin Forerunner 35 with a compatible smartphone for connected features.

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  • Garmin Edge 820 Product Announcement

    Garmin Edge 820 and Garmin Edge Explore 820Garmin announced the new Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 this week. Triathletes and anyone who refers to a bike ride as "training" should take a look at the Edge 820. The Edge Explore 820 lacks power meter support, structured workouts, and cycling analysis features, but is great for touring riders.

    We've been looking forward to an update to the Edge 800-series for some time and here it is. The Edge 820 has the soul of the 800-series (navigation in addition to training) in the size of the 500-series with some of the features that have been popping up in other Garmin products plus some brand new features. The Edge 820's little sibling, the Edge Explore 820, dials back the advanced training features, but still has ANT+ connectivity for heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors that you would not find in a typical navigation device.

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  • Garmin HRM-Swim & HRM-Tri Product Announcement

    Garmin HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri record heart rate under waterGarmin has announced the HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri, their first underwater heart rate monitors. The HRM-Swim is designed for pool swims and will record your heart rate anytime, anywhere. The HRM-Tri is designed for triathlon, combining the heart rate recording features of the HRM-Swim with the running dynamics features of the HRM-Run.

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  • Garmin Edge 520 Product Announcement

    Garmin Edge 510 has Strava live segmentsThe Garmin Edge 520 has cool new features not seen before. It is the first device with Strava live segment challenges.* That's right, it will tell you when the segment is about to start, how well you are doing, and whether you got it.

    I also excels at the nuts and bolts of training with advanced analysis features like time in zone, cycling-specific VO2 max,** and recovery time.**

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